•                 First Grade Distance Learning Syllabus




    How will assignments be posted for the week for students?

    I will post a weekly assignments by Monday morning of each week in Google Classroom.


     What platform will we be using?

    We will be using Google Classroom.


     What apps in ClassLink will students need to access and what is it for?

     For now, the apps that we will be utilizing on ClassLink will include:



    Google Classroom

    Assignments can be found in Google Classroom through your Class Link.

     *Log into your Class Link then click on the Google Classroom Icon. The Google Meets can be accessed in your Google Classroom.

    Assignments will be completed in multiple ways-

    • Assigned by teacher to be completed in Google Classroom
    • Assigned by teacher in Google Classroom using district provided workbooks
    • Assigned by teacher in Google Classroom to be completed in Student Notebooks
    • ClassDojo

    Please make sure you complete all assignments by the due date and press “Submit.” twice.


    Class Links Websites-


    ClassDojo-communication and submitting some work



    Wonders – McGraw Hill Connect Ed – L.A. 


    Saavas Easy Bridge – Math


    Google Classroom

    Google Classroom



    Epic Reading







    Assessments will take place weekly in Language Arts and Math. They will be either on Wonders – McGraw Hill Connect Ed, Saavas Easy Bridge (Math), Google Classroom, or “LIVE” virtual quizzes.


    Grades/ Parent Feedback

    Wonders – McGraw Hill Connect Ed and Saavas Easy Bridge will provide immediate feedback on assignments.

    Work on Google Classroom will be assessed and scored by the teacher.

    I will also be sending periodic updates to parents through email or Class Dojo to communicate progress as needed.

    Students will be graded on the 1 -4 CVUSD Rubric grading scale.



    Attendance will be taken daily at our first morning Google Meet.

    Please be on time so you don’t interrupt instruction.



                           Live Sessions via Google Meet

                                                           Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

                                                                        8:15-9:45: ELA

                                                                        9:45-10:00: Break

                                                                        10:00-11:30: Math


                                                                        12:10-12:40: Science/Social Studies

                                                                        12:40-1:00: PE

                                                                        1:00-1:15: Break

                                                                        1:15-1:35: DELD-English Leaners Only

                                                                        1:45-2:30: Office Hours


                                          Wednesday-Minimum Day

                                                                        8:15-8:45: Second Step

                                                                        8:45-9:00: Break

                                                                        9:00-9:30: Additional Support for ELA

                                                                        9:45-10:15: Additional Support for Math

                                                                        10:30-10:50: DELD- English Learners Only

                                                                        11:00-12:00: Office Hours





                                       Virtual Office Hours

                                      Monday, Tuesday, Thursday





                                        Email: Kay_schemmer@chino.k12.ca.us