• Distant Learning Syllabus

    Instructional Platform

    Instructional platform we will be using is Google Classroom and Google Meets.



    Students will receive feedback through Google Classroom, Aeries, Remind, and/or email depending on the assignment or assessment type. Feedback will be provided weekly, unless completed in Savvas/Pearson, Big Ideas, AR, and/or ConnectEd that may have instantaneous feedback. 


    Grading Criteria

    Students will receive formal grades through Aeries. 



    Students will be assigned assignments through Google Classroom, McGraw Hill ConnectEd (Wonders), Saavas Easy Bridge (Math 4th and 5th) and Big Ideas (Math 6th).

    In addition to Google Classroom, we will be using the following apps in ClassLink:

    Lexia, AR, Office365, Prodigy for Students, Kami (extension)

    *List of apps is tentative some can be added, deleted, or change.

    Assignments due date will be posted on Google Classroom.


    Expectations (Policies, Procedures)

    Students will submit work in a timely manner. All assignments and assessments are to be completed by students to the best of their ability on a weekly basis.



    Assessment dates and links will be posted on Google Classroom. Student assessments will be given through Google Classroom, McGraw Hill ConnectEd (Wonders), Saavas Easybridge, and or Big Ideas. Students will be assessed at the end of a unit or topic. 



    Students are expected to participate daily like a classroom setting. Participation is based on completing and turning in assignments and assessments on time.