• Assignments

    There will be weekly Lesson Plans that will be posted by Monday morning of each week in Google Classroom startingAugust 17, 2020.

    We will be using Google Classroom as our online platform during Distance Learning.

    How/when will students submit their work?

    Students will submit their work on curriculum websites (Savvas EasyBridge & Wonders) and Google Classroom. All student work for the week is to be completed and submitted by Friday at 2:00 pm.


    When are assessments?

    Assessments will take place throughout the week. These will be included in the Weekly Lesson Plan that students get access to at the beginning of each week via Google Classroom. If a particular assessment must be completed prior to the end of the week, the weekly plan will specifically note this. Assessments will take place on Savvas EasyBridge and Wonders.

    How will grades/feedback/current progress be communicated to students and parents?

    Wonders and Savvas EasyBridge will provide instant feedback on assignments and assessments, if applicable. Work completed and submitted via Google Classroom will be assessed by the teacher and teacher will leave comments and scoring information as needed. Parents will be encouraged to sign on to their student’s ClassLink accounts to view assessment results (Savvas EasyBridge and Wonders).


    Live Sessions via Google Meet

    Google Meeting Expectations

    • Be On Time
    • Mute Yourself (Make sure your microphone is off when you join the meeting.)
    • Netiquette=Be a good listener. Show respect. Raise your hand.
    • Be prepared= Have all of your materials ready. Check your device before the meeting.
    • Be Ready To Learn= Sit in a learning position at a desk or table. Make sure we can see you.
    • Participation= Be on task. Be ready to ask and answer questions


    Office Hours

    Ms. Castillo's virtual office hours are from 2:00 pm-3:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. You can reach me through email, Aeries, or virtually on Google Meet (meeting code:castillo1officehours)


    Class Link

     1. Go to Wickman Homepage

    2. Go to Students

    3. Go to ClassLink Access

    4. In search bar type: launchpad.classlink.com/home