Goals on-line

Distance Learning NORMS

  • As an educator and mom, I firmly believe that it is important for students to be physically and emotionally prepared to learn.  With that in mind, I would encourage ALL of you to prepare for your Virtual School Day the same way you would prepare if you were attending school. 

    I would encourage all of you to get up, get dressed, set up your desk/work area free from distractions, and be emotionally prepared to spend your school day 7:30 am to 2:30 pm being active learners. 

    When you logon to your classes, enter them on mute and have your paper, pens, notebooks, textbooks, & water bottle ready.  I expect to see all my students' faces for the entire class period we are together…I do not want the “video off” button selected. 

    If there is a need to leave my class period, I would expect a student to ask me…just as he/she would if we were in class together.  Although we are in a Virtual Setting, we will actively learn as if we were physically together in my classroom.  I will be selecting different students to help me facilitate the chat discussion, lead classroom conversations, and help keep the time.  Be ready…you all will have a chance to help me lead in our virtual space!


    Coyotes will follow the School-Wide Expectations


           Be Respectful

    *Enter Google Classroom on Mute

    *Follow the Rules of Each Class

    *Listen when Peers are Speaking


           Be Responsible

    *Practice Academic Honesty

    *Use Approved Websites

    *Use Office Hours Wisely and Bring Specific Questions you may have


           Be Safe

    *Use Technology for Academic Purposes

    *Limit Food and Drink around Technology