• Chino High School Mathematics
      Mr. Phung, Room M-16
    • Why I love to teach: To create a culture where individuals can easily learn and understand the purpose of mathematics.

    • Rules and Attendance: We will be abiding by the school rules and attendance policies found in your student handbook. I noted some below that will be important for your success in our class.

    • 1. Be respectful! Rudeness, disrespect, sleeping, and bullying will not be tolerated in our classroom. Remember to show respect for yourself and others in our classroom.
      2. Be Prompt! You must be logged in online and ready to learn.
      3. Be prepared daily! You must come to class with your notebook, pencil, calculator, and homework.
      4. Be responsible! You are accountable for your own learning and success.

    • Consequences for breaking classroom rules:
    • 1. First offence you will receive a verbal warning. 2. Second offence a call will be made home and possible detention.
      3. Third offence a referral will be issued and another call home
      4. Four and/or more offences, a referral will be issued with a recommended Saturday school, and a parent, teacher, conference will be recommended to solve all matters.

    • Materials:
      1. Pencils
      2. Scientific calculator
      3. Lined and graph paper
      4. Electronic device that can access Google Classroom Grading

    • The following will be utilized and weighted in the following manner.
      Summative Assessments 40%
      Formative Assessments 30%
      Assignments/Class Discussions 30%

    • Grading Scale
      90% - 100% A
      80% - 89% B
      70% - 79% C
      60% - 69% D
      0% - 59% F

    • Homework Your child will have homework Monday-Thursday, which will be posted daily via Google Classroom. Homework should be completed and submitted to Google Classroom by 11:59 pm on the posted due date (usually the following day), unless otherwise indicated. Homework will be checked daily and graded based on completeness, with a total of 10 points possible. An assignment not turned in by the posted due date is considered late, but will be accepted with a grade of C if the assignment is complete and submitted within 3 days of the assigned date. A complete homework assignment consists of completion of all assigned problems (between 5-10 nightly), the child’s work for each problem, and a boxed or circled answer. If a homework assignment is partially complete or doesn’t display student work, the assignment will not be accepted. Students can take a picture of completed homework to submit via Google Classroom if a scanner is not accessible.

    • Office Hours: I am available for student help Mon-Fri before AND after school.
      Contact: Students can reach me via Remind or email at Anthony_phung@chino.k12.ca.us. Remind is unique to each period so students can find their class code on google classroom. Parents can reach me via email. Looking forward to a wonderful school year!

    • Thank you, Mr. Phung
    • Office Hours:
      I am available to meet before and after school any school day. Please email me at  anthony_phung@chino.k12.ca.us if you have any questions.  I will respond to your email within 24hrs of receiving it.