Distance Learning Syllabus 20/21 PE


    Mrs. Burton’s Distance Learning Physical Education Syllabus 




    Physical Education  

    The distance learning physical education program is an integral part of each student’s overall education. This class integrates health and physical activity into one multifaceted program that helps students develop the knowledge, motor skills, and social skills that lead to lifelong fitness.  While movement is both innate and essential to an individual’s growth and development, it is the role of physical education to provide instructional activities that not only promote skill development and proficiency, but also enhance an individual’s overall health.  The aim of the program is for students to apply their knowledge of physical fitness toward a wide variety of physical activities and become committed to a healthy lifestyle.  This syllabus outlines the course requirements and class expectations for students.  Please email me with any questions or concerns that arise during the school year. 


    Students will be expected to: 

    • come to class expecting to move 
    • participate in classroom activities, discussions, assignments 
    • wear clothes and shoes thatpermit propermovement  
    • have water available
    • turn on your camera/video so I can see you,and please mute your microphone 
    • Studentsshould haveproper space to move around 


    Google Classroom: 

    • I will use Google Classroom for instruction and Aeries for grades
    • Assignments will be posted and submitted on Google Classroom
    • Assignment due dates and instructions will be on Google Classroom
    • The log-in code for classes will be in the banner at the top of the Google Classroom banner,as well as on my webpage.
    • Feedback will be given on Google assignments, when appropriate.
    • If you have trouble logging into Google Classroom, please contact theTechnology Support Hotline at (909)628-1202 X1080 
    • Overall grades on Google Classroom are not accurate. Please look at Aeries for current grade information.

    If you have questions, please email me rather than asking in google classroom. 



    • Grades will be posted in Aeries
    • 40% - Assessments (quizzes, tests, and/or written work); 

             60% - Class assignments and participation/effort. 

    • Online class behavior can impact participation points.
    • It is important that students turn work in on time. It is difficult to stay up to date on grading and providing students with accurate grades if work is not turned in on time.
    • Students will also earn a mark for citizenship and work habits.O= outstanding,S= satisfactory, N= needs improvement, U= unsatisfactory.  


    The following grading scale will be used: 

    A+ = 100% 

    A = 90 – 99 % 

    B = 80 – 89% 

    C = 70 – 79% 

    D = 60 – 69% 

    F = 59% and below 


    Contact Information: 

    Students may utilize office hours if they need help or have questions.  

    My office hours are listed, for which I will be available via Google Meet (face-to-face/chat/join-by-phone) and email, regarding assignments, schedules and other schoolwork concerns.  


    Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:45 - 2:30PM 

    Wednesdays & Fridays 7:45 - 8:30AM 



    If you would like to conference through Google Meet (face-to-face/chat/join-by-phone), please email me to set up a time. Or, I can also be reached via email for questions or concerns.   





    Email Etiquette: 

    When emailing please include: student first name, last name, period, and assignment name. Please be polite and professional. I will make every attempt to respond within 48 hours. 



    Please wear clothes and shoes that are appropriate for exercising.  


    Distance Learning Objective

    Engage in enjoyable and challenging physical activities that develop and maintain the five components of physical fitness. 

    Demonstrate personal responsibility to create and maintain a physically and emotionally safe and non threatening environment for physical fitness. 


    Distance Learning Expectations 

    1.Students will check the Google Classroom page daily. 

    2.Students will complete all assignments and turn them in on time. 

    3.Students will follow the School Wide Expectations: Be Safe-Respectful and Responsible 

    4.Students will be respectful of the abilities of others. 

    5.Students will demonstrate academic integrity, turn in their own work, that is accurate 



    Dear Parents & Students, 


    The Distance Learning Physical Education Team prides itself on providing a challenging, standards based, program that encourages students to do the best they can and work at improving.  


    • Students are expected to work to improve their physical health and literacy as it relates to physical education.  
    • Students are expected to be able to take their heart rate and determine if they are in their target heart rate zone. They should be able to talk about the five components of fitness and if they are improving in those areas.  
    • Students should be knowledgeable and understand the basic muscle groups of the human body.  
    • Students should be able to participate in activities in a positive and responsible way that is respectful of others. 
    • Students are expected to improve their fitness level and skills as they progress through their year during Distance Learning. 


    We firmly believe and data shows that kids who remain physically active do better academically. Please be sure to participate in activities in a safe manner and under the supervision of an adult. Let’s make this a great year together.    


    Mrs. Burton 

    Physical Education Distance Learning Teacher