• Expectations 

    Digital Citizenship

    Be Safe

    • Stay on recommended websites
    • Open links only from a trusted sender
    • Keep passwords private

    Be Responsible

    • Use your agenda, make a checklist to feel accomplished
    • Use your time wisely, take breaks when indicated and stretch
    • Be careful of plagiarism, express your own thoughts. Be creative! 
    • Check the digital classroom daily for new assignments, deadlines, and announcements.
    • Follow through with your teacher for assignment clarifications, feedback, and grades through email, office hours, and/or Remind

    Be Respectful

    • Cite references where appropriate 
    • Use appropriate virtual backgrounds 
    • Use professional/academic language for assignments and when communicating with teachers/other teachers
    • Set your mute option when others are speaking
    • Raise your hand to be acknowledged
    • Use the comment section to ask questions
    • Attend your virtual sessions on time, log on 5 minutes early

    Be Resilient

    • Be kind and patient with yourself and others as we navigate our new digital environment.
    • Ask questions and for help when you need to
    • Complete work as much as possible and as soon as you are able 
    • Try your best 
    • When you make a mistake, turn it into a opportunity for learning

    Be Present

    • Find a place where you can be free of distractions
    • Dress appropriately, dress code rules apply!
    • Refrain from chewing gum, eating, or drinking in front of the camera
    • Refrain from using your phone during class time
    • Sit up tall with technology level and stable
    • Work is graded and not participating in virtual sessions and/or not submitting assignments may impact grades