• Syllabus Information:

    Instructional Platform:

    All classwork and assignments can be found through Google Classroom.  Any live meetings will be held through Google Meets (the link can be found at the top of your students Google Classroom) 



    Feedback on work and assessments will be given as they are due. Comments will always be provided with turned in work. 


    Grading Criteria:

    All assessments and assignments will be graded on a 1-4 scale.

    "4" demonstrates academically superior skills in that specific area. 

     "3" indicates the student has proficient understanding and meets grade level expectations. 

    "2" indicates the student has basic understanding and is partially proficient at meeting grade level expectations. 

    "1" indicates a student has minimal understanding and does not meet grade-level expectations.


    When/ How to submit work:

    All graded work will be assigned and submitted through Google Classroom.  Asynchornous work is due the day it is assigned. Homework will be assigned on Google Classroom every Monday and will be due by 3:30 on Friday.



    Links will be sent as assessments are assigned (they will be graded and feedback given promptly).  Assessments will be taken on Wednesdays live while on google classroom.  Cameras should be on and microphones should be off. Sign ups for test times will be distributed the Friday before the test.



    Students are expected to attend all synchronous lessons and turn in all work on time.