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    In Class Expectations

    Be Responsible:

    • Be on time


    • Take care of ALL materials


    • Always fo your BEST work and complete assigned tasks


    • Use appropriate words


    Be Respectful

    • ALL people are important


    • Teat others the way you want to be treated


    • Use inside voices


    • Listen while others are speaking


    Be Safe

    • Keep hands and feet to self at all times


    • Follow directions


    • Sit and push in chairs appropriately


    • Wear your mask in class


    • Only touch your own materials



    Asynchronous Expectations

    Be Responsible:

    • Answer the attendance task BEFORE 3:00 on your asynchronous day


    • Complete all asychronous work before coming into class the next day 


    • Always do your best work


    • Take care of your at home materials


    Be Respectful:

    • Listen to your parents when they say it is time to do school work


    Be Safe:

    • Check for common COVID-19 symptoms before coming into class the next day