Distance Learning Expectations

  • Distance Learning Expectations for All Students: 


    Be Respectful 

    • Use kind words 
    • Engage in positive and ethical behavior online 
    • Do your job that means complete your work as assigned
    • Keep food away from Technology
    • Use approved Websites
    • Practice Ditital Citizenship
    • Mute your mic on Video Chats when someone is speaking
    • Raise your hand and wait to be called on
    • Do not talk until you are called on, then unmute your mic


    Be Responsible 

    • Do your own work 
    • Complete your own work to the best of your ability
    • Turn in your work on time 
    • Be honest
    • Only use district issued device for academics
    • Work to the best of your ability 
    • Follow all directions 
    • Use complete sentences & correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling 
    • Label work with name/date 
    • Be organized 
    • Get help when needed 
    • Use appropriate online sources 
    • Use message and/or comment features appropriately- academic purposes only 


      Be Safe 

    • Wash hands regularly before and after using the laptop
    • Wear a mask around others not in your family
    • Cover your cough
    • Limit sharing of technology
    • Return borrowed device in the condition you received it 
    • Use appropriate language 
    • Go to teacher/parent approved sites only Ask parent/teacher for permission 



    • Students will be expected to engage and complete activities during OT sessions to the best of their ability with and without parent assistance.