• On Thursday, August 20th from 8:30-9:45 and Friday, August 21st from 10:15-11:30  and 12:20-12:50 (if needed) our 5th grade Distance Learning students will be taking an ESA (Essential Standards Assessment) during our class time.  The ESA is a baseline test of standards that will be taught throughout the 5th grade.  Most of the questions will be new information, or above their current knowledge base.  Since this is an assessment that will be given online and taken at home, we have the following norms and expectations: 

    • As with all assessments/tests, students must take the assessment on their own. 
    • Students will need their 9-digit student id which is found in the Aeries Parent Portal. 
    • Students will need scratch paper and at least 2 sharpened or mechanical pencils on both testing days.  

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