• Offline Plan- Student


    In the event the student loses internet connection for an extended period here are some ideas to stay busy and keep your brain growing.


    • Practice multiplication and division facts with flashcards. If you don’t have any, consider making your own.
    • Read a book and summarize what you read. You will be able to add this to your reading log later.
    • Write a story to share with the class.
    • Draw illustrations to go with your story.
    • Make up your own 20 minute workout and write it down.




    Offline Plan- Teacher


    In the event the teacher loses connection to the Google Meet


    • Wait five minutes for the teacher to return to the meeting.
    • After 5 minutes hang up and work independently on assignments in the GC including reading and PE.
    • After one hour, attempt to sign in to the Meet again. If the teacher is still offline:
      • practice math facts 
      • read 
      • write a story to share with the class 
      • create a cartoon to share with the class
      • play Prodigy.