• Emerging ELD Distance Learning Syllabus


    Email: Maria_DeLaRosa@chino.k12.ca.us


    School Office 909-591-2161


    English Department Office Hours Tuesday/Wednesday 7:45 AM –  8:20 AM and Thursday/Friday 12:45 PM – 1:30 PM (Please note that office hours are for Students).



    This year will be filled will be filled with many first time experiences for you, your parents, and for me. I want to start out by saying, we will figure this all out together one day at a time.

    The most important thing you must do daily is check Google Classroom for any messages, updates, or assignments. Read all directions carefully and completely.


    Also, please visit my web page on a regular basis for any updates.



    *            MyHRW

    *            Google Classroom

    *            Office 365



    • Assignments and assessments will be submitted by the time indicated for any online assignment via Office 365, Google Classroom, and/or MyHRW for credit
    • Any written essays/text must be in MLA Format.
    • ACE Format is required for Short Response Answers
    • Assessments will be assigned at the end of unit.

    Assignments will not always be in the form of writing or worksheets.  Students will be required to read every day. Students will gather research via text or internet.  Students will also be expected to respond to homework assignments via online through the district website, Office 365, Google Classroom, and MyHRW.  All students have an account to login. Please see your teacher’s class page for instructions.



                  90% - 100%        =            A

                  80% - 89.9%       =            B

                  70% - 79.9%       =            C

                  60% - 69.9%       =            D

                  0% - 59.9%         =            F

    Students will have access to their grades through Aeries, teacher feedback, and/or Google Classroom.


    • Assignments on time
    • Organized and ready to go
    • Courteous and helpful to classmates and teacher
    • Is thoughtful before speaking and is sure that what is said is relevant to everyone
    • Reliable, dependable

    These grades are equally important.  These grades indicate overall character, effort, organization, cooperation, and perseverance.


    Please encourage your student to complete assignments in a quiet place. Since we are not in class, your home is the classroom. We understand this task may be difficult, however, creating a routine that is similar to the school day will help your student maintain normalcy for the academic day. Manageable chunks that resemble the school day schedule may keep students from feeling overwhelmed.

    Also, please encourage your student to ask questions during school and office hours. We encourage your student to be the one to reach out to the teacher with questions. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner within 24 hours.

    I will make it my priority to respond to students first, so please encourage your child to reach out to me with any questions.