• Back to School Night will be Monday, August 31. Each period will be 15 minutes long; please see the schedule and instructions below about how to access your child's appropriate period Teams.

    Period 1: 5:30-5:45 pm

    Period 2: 5:55-6:10 pm

    Period 3: 6:20-6:35 pm

    Period 4: 6:45-7 pm

    Period 5: 7:10-7:25 pm

    Period 6: 7:35-7:50 pm


    I will be hosting a meeting in each of my Teams at the established time, just as your students have been meeting with me each class period. In order for you to join, you must:

    1. Log into your child's Classlink and click on Office 365 (Classlink can be found on your home school's website under the students tab).

    2. Click on Teams in Office 365 (In the image below, the Teams icon is in the first row, second to the last).


    3. Find your child's approrpiate period Team and click on it.

    Teams 2

    4. Once you are in the approrpiate Team, you will see that there is a meeting scheduled or has started, click on the join button. 

    If you are having issues accessing the Teams meeting or logging in, please email me. Sometimes technology and wifi issues occur, I always let the students know they can logoff and restart if need be.

    Looking forward to meeting you all!