• Townsend Jr. High

    Club Rush

    September 2, 2022


    The following are the steps to take to form a club:    

    1.  Decide on the nature of the club.  What will your club do at its meetings? 

    2.  Find a staff member who is willing to supervise your club and provide a space for your meetings. 

    3.  Decide on meeting days and times, making sure that the staff member approves. 

    4.  Complete this application form. 

    Administration will notify you via email of the status of your application. Clubs may not collect money of any kind without the Club Advisor contacting the ASB Advisor for regulations and guidelines.  Club Rush will take place during both lunches on Friday, September 2 in the cafeteria area.  Please check in on the outdoor stage at the beginning of lunch.  Plan to have posters and a sign-up sheet to recruit club members. See you there!


    Below is the link to the form for students interested in starting a club:



    Good luck to all our future club members!