• Assignments

    (How will assignments be posted for the week for students?)

    (What platform will you be using? (e.g. Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, etc.))

    (What apps in ClassLink will students need to access and what is it for?)



    (How will assessments be assigned?) 



    (How will students get feedback on submited work during non in-seat days (e.g. comments in Google Classroom, email, in Aeries)?  What is the turnaround time for feedback to be given?)


    (Which assignments will have feedback provided by the teacher vs. automatically graded by ConnectEd or Pearson?) 

    (e.g. Assignments completed in Pearson and/or ConnectEd may have instantaneous feedback. All other work submitted will have feedback provided by the teacher.)



    (How will parent(s)/students be notified of their current progress?)




     Office Hour

    (When will virtual office hour be for your classroom?)

    (Statement MUST include that the teacher is available "live" for student questions)


    (i.e.: I am available during my virtual office hours for questions. During my office hours I will be on a Google Meet from X:XX - X:XX for students to pop-in.)


    Live Sessions via Google Meet

    (What is the policy/procedure for students who cannot attend the session?) 

    (How will students be informed to attend ELA/Math additional support to address PLC questions 2, 3, & 4?)

    (i.e. On Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday I will be meeting with students in small groups to provide additional support. For those that need to attend small group sessions, I will notify in advance during in-seat instruction.)