• Syllabus

    Welcome! My name is Ms. Wagner, and I will be your AVID teacher. You have been chosen by AVID, and you have chosen AVID; what an honor! The AVID elective is designed to equip, support, and inspire you as you pursue your college dream. By joining AVID, you have become a member of a worldwide family with more than 450,000 members. AVID is a college readiness system that started in San Diego more than 30 years ago. The mission of AVID is to "close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society." This year. you are embarking on a journey that will lead you to the steps of a university, through the halls, and across the stage, diploma in hand. It is not enough to simply make it into college; you need to arrive there "college ready."


    Course Description


    The AVID class has two goals: the first, to prepare students for college and university entrance requirements, and the second, to ready students for the rigors of college and university work. In other words, we want to help you jump through the hoops necessary for college entrance and help you to become the kind of student who will excel once you get there. This course offers a challenging curriculum that exposes students to college-level reading and writing assignments to develop students' academic skills. In addition to academic skill development, you will learn about the college/university system, conduct research projects, and interact with college tutors. It is important that you keep good grades, at least a 2.0 GPA, and maintain an organized binder as part of the AVID commitment.


    During this school year you will grow in your...

    • ability to read, comprehend, discuss, and write about challenging texts.
    • ability to organize and plan for success.
    • use of writing as a tool for learning.
    • ability to engage in structured discussions and to make positive contributions to those discussions.
    • ability to use the AVID Focused Note-taking system (i.e., Cornell Notes) as a tool for learning
    • knowledge of the college/university system and the road you must travel to be "college ready."
    • ability to ask questions to clarify points of confusion and collaborate with classmates and tutors to give and receive help using the AVID Tutorial model.
    • Work collaboratively on assignments and projects

    Suggested Materials: Students are responsible for bringing their materials to class every day. These include the following:


    ü Notebook paper

    ü Pens (blue/black and one red)

    ü Pencils

    ü Agenda 

    • 3-ring binder with subject dividers
    • Laptop and charger



    Homework policy


    You will have homework throughout the week. Typically, homework will consist of preparing for Tutorials, organizing your binder/OneNote, and refining/studying your Cornel Notes, and other activities. Occasionally, assignments started but not finished in class will be given as homework. As the following day's work will usually depend on/build on your completion of the homework assigned, it is essential that you complete all assigned homework.




    Grading is based on school policy as follows:


    A        Exemplary                         90-100

    B        Proficient                           80-89

    C        Making progress                70-79

    D        Little progress evident        60-69

    F        Not making progress         59


    Work habits/citizenship marks are based on school policy as follows:

    O        Outstanding

    S        Satisfactory

    N        Needs Improvement

    U        Unsatisfactory


    Laptop Assistance


    If you need help with your laptop, please call the Family Engagement Center at 909-628-1201 extension 5601 or visit their website: https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/Page/8882.