• Syllabus

    Welcome! My name is Ms. Wagner, and I will be your English teacher. The goal of English is to create a classroom environment where learning is interactive, dynamic, and fun. Students will be responsible for a variety of collaborative assignments, in-class work, special projects, writing activities, essays, and occasional quizzes. Together, we will promote communication, critical thinking, creativity, discovery, and teamwork. A safe and comfortable learning environment will allow students to achieve success. Students should feel free to ask questions and I am always willing to help you find the answers.


    Woodcrest Junior High is a Microsoft Showcase School, with all our teachers being Microsoft Innovative Educators. I will be using Teams and OneNote to share assignments and files, as well as communicate and oversee conversations. Students will be responsible for uploading assignments, participating in discussions, and checking OneNote daily for instructions. Both apps can be accessed through Classlink.


    Classroom Rules:


    1. Chewing gum is not permitted either in my class or anywhere on campus.
    2. Food and drinks are not allowed in class unless otherwise permitted. However, you may bring water bottles.
    3. All electronic devices (iPods, cell phones, etc.) must be turned off and put away in backpacks. If you need to check the time, there is a clock in the front of the room or wear a watch.
    4. Students are encouraged to use the restroom before or after class. Students must ask permission to use the restroom, sign out/in, and bring their Agenda with them.
    5. Students are always to keep their hands to themselves.
    6. No foul language or inappropriate comments are to be used in the classroom.


    Classroom Procedures:


    1. Please enter the classroom quietly. This means that outside conversation is halted.
    2. Make sure classwork and homework are turned in on time.
    3. Make sure that you are in your seat when the bell rings.
    4. Copy down board assignments (objective and homework) into your agenda and get class materials ready. I will check your agenda every Friday for parent signatures.
    5. Raise your hand if you wish to speak and leave your seat.
    6. Wait for me to dismiss you and leave the classroom quietly. This means that you do not pack up until I have given you the signal.



    Positive classroom behavior is its own reward but is also acknowledged through Front of the Line passes and/or other rewards. Anytime a student breaks either a classroom or schoolwide rule, they will be given a Low-Level Referral. On the fourth LLR, the student is sent to the office on a High Level and dealt with accordingly. Students who commit major offenses will be automatically given a High-Level Referral and are automatically sent to the office. Students who are caught cheating/copying/plagiarizing will immediately be given an HLR and must complete the assignment, reflecting their own work, for half credit. BE RESPECTFUL. BE RESPONSIBLE. BE SAFE.


    Attendance and Tardies:


    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check your OneNote for classwork and assignments you have missed. Please make sure to see me at the beginning of class and/or email me. I normally give one to two extra days to make up work depending on the assignment.


    Grading and Homework Policies:


    Homework is generally assigned Monday through Thursday. Late work is accepted up to the six-week mark, but points will be deducted I require my classes to copy down their daily objective and homework into their Agenda at the beginning of class. Unless otherwise noted, every Friday will be an Agenda Check; this means that parents/guardians need to be checking and signing their child’s agenda. After three incidents/weeks of no signings, I contact home. For every four weeks signed, I will give students a reward.


    Students will be responsible for completing three book reviews (one per trimester). They are responsible for bringing an independent reading book with them every day. Students may check one out from the library, bring one from home, or borrow one from my classroom library.


    Grading is based on school policy as follows:


    A        Exemplary                         90-100

    B        Proficient                           80-89

    C        Making progress                70-79

    D        Little progress evident        60-69

    F        Not making progress         59


    Work habits/citizenship marks are based on school policy as follows:

    O        Outstanding

    S        Satisfactory

    N        Needs Improvement

    U        Unsatisfactory

    Suggested Materials: Students are responsible for bringing their materials to class every day. These include the following:


    ü Notebook paper

    ü Pens (blue/black and one red)

    ü Pencils

    ü Agenda

    ü Independent reading book

    • Laptop and charger


    Academic Dishonesty Policy:

    Follow High Schools’ policies which include the possibilities of:

    1.Contact Parent

    2.‘0’ on assignment and no make-up work given


    4.Suspension from extra-curricular activities (ex. band, track, dances, movies, etc.)

    5.‘N’ or ‘U’ in citizenship

    6.Noted on school records

    7.Ineligible for academic honors for the year

    8.Suspension from school

    Plagiarizing: the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own

    Working together: you do NOT have the same information written down


    Laptop Assistance


    If you need help with your laptop, please call the Family Engagement Center at 909-628-1201 extension 5601 or visit their website: https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/Page/8882.




    Please feel free to contact me here at school with questions/concerns throughout the year. If you would like to contact me through telephone, please call (909) 923-3455 extension 6412. The best way to reach me, and for a prompter response, is through email at sarah_wagner@chino.k12.ca.us.