• August 2021

    Ms. Darrow, Science Instructor



    Seventh Grade Science Information


    Seventh grade science is a yearlong integrated science course. Students will be learning skills that scientists use to study the world around them. They will also be exploring topics in the areas of Chemistry, Ecosystems, and Geology.


    Student Success

    Students, you should:

    • know what is expected of you in the classroom
    • complete all of your assignments
    • ask for help if there is something you do not understand


    Parents, you will be able to:

    • monitor your child's progress by reviewing their grade in Aeries
    • contact me by e-mail at sherrie_darrow@chino.k12.ca.us if you have any information to share about your child or to discuss any concerns about your child’s progress.
    • join “Remind” to receve class notifications

               text To:81010

               text this message: @b7ae3

    • look at your child’s agenda for assignment information and due dates


    Computer Assistance

    If your child is having a problem with their school computer, please contact the “Family Engagement Center” by calling the District office extension 5601 for help.

     Classroom Expectations

    1. Respect yourself, your classmates, and your teacher.
    2. Be on time.
    3. Follow directions.
    4. No gum, candy, food, or drinks will be allowed in class.
    5. Cell phones may not be used in class and should be placed in backpacks.
    6. Computers and chargers must be brought everyday and should be fully charged.


    Consequences of Misbehavior

    Students will be given a combination of warnings, low-level referrals, or high-level referrals, depending on the severity of the act, in accordance with the school-wide discipline plan. Any student using their phone during class will have the phone taken and turned into an administrator. Breaking class or school rules will result in a lower citizenship grade for that student.


    Suggested Materials

    1. Two pencils- pencil must be used for all written assignments
    2. A standard size three ring notebook with your student agenda
    3. Lined three-hole paper
    4. Colored pencils


    Daily Work

    Work that is not finished in class becomes homework. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Be sure to check your agenda for deadlines.


    Make-up Work

    Students will have two days following an absence to turn in missed work. Students who are absent on a test day must make up the test after school within two days (students with lengthy absences may be given a longer period of time to make up the test). Good attendance is important to a student’s success.


    Academic Honesty

    Students are always expected to complete original work. Copying from the internet or copying from another student, however big or small, is dishonest. If a student is found to have completed an assignment dishonestly, the student will receive a zero for the entire assignment with no opportunity for makeup. For more information, visit the Woodcrest webpage (go to Academics, then Academic Dishonesty). Parents can also visit the CVUSD webpage for more information.



    Grades are based on points. 60% of the student's grade will come from assessments, and 40% will come from the points given for daily work.  Points will be totaled until the end of each trimester.  The following grades will be assigned based on the percentage earned of the points possible:


    General Science Class:                               Honors Science Class:

    A       90%  to 100%                                   A   90%  to 100%

    B       80%  to  89%                                    B   80%  to  89%

    C       70%  to  79%                                    C    70%  to  79%

    D       55%  to  69%                                    D    60%  to  69%

    F       54%  or less                                      F    59%  or less

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