Tier 2 and 3 Intervention and Support

  • Individual/Small Group Counseling: Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention facilitated by MTSS-B Counselor during school hours. School-Based counseling curriculum is used to support students with school-wide expectations (P.A.R.C- Persistant Learners, Accountable, Respectful, and Collaborative), in order to improve academics and social/emotional skills. 

    Other Supports/Indvidual Counseling Services

    • Positive Action for Life Success (PALS) program provided by City of Chino is an early intervention and prevention program, which enhances the educational experience and personal development of children who are having mild to moderate difficulty adjusting to school. The goal of the PALS program is to help children get off to a good start in school by fostering positive social skills, a health self-concept, and a positive experience with school itself. For any questions regarding content please contact Brittany Zarcal from City of Chino at: bzarcal@cityofchino.org
    • City of Chino - HOPE/Chino Human Services: Individual Counseling Services for students. Counseling sessions conducted at school site. Satellite location services available at Newman Elementary (contact office staff or School Administrator for application/referral) or click on City of Chino - HOPE/Chino Human Services for contact information in the Health Services department.
    • Behavioral Health: Individual Counseling Services for students (Medi-Cal/IEHP/Molina). Counseling sessions conducted at school site. Contact school administrators for assistance with application/referral process or click on Behavioral Health for contact information in the Heath Services Department.
    • PBIS Tier 2 and 3 Resources: Collection of interventions teachers can access for students who may need additional support with behavior.