Welcome to Ms. Stouffer's 1st and 2nd grade class!

         I am so excited to welcome you to the 2021-2022 school year!  You may have seen a suggested list of supplies elsewhere on the Hidden Trails website, but here are the supplies that would be most helpful to have in out classroom to start the year.


    1 pencil box or pouch                                                                                 1 red pocket plastic folder

    2 sharpened pencils (to be replaced as needed, not mechanical pencils!)        1 green pocket plastic folder  

    1 big eraser                                                                                               1 glue stick (replace as needed)

    1 pencil topper eraser                                                                                 1 box of colored pencils (optional)

    1 box of 24-36 count crayons                                                                      1 box of markers (optional)

    1 glue bottle                                                                                               1 pair of kid friendly scissors                                                                                                               



        Due to modernization, we will start the year in room 29 and move to room 13 sometime later in the year.  As far as lining up goes, please line up on line 13 on the blacktop.  I will walk you to class from there. 

         As you know, students and staff will be required to wear masks indoors when we come back to school.  It is a good idea to send an additional mask or two in the backpack, especially while the weather is warm.  Kids should also bring a water bottle if possible.  Please do not freeze them as the condensation can become an issue when it sits on the desk.

        At this time, I have plenty of baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and tissue.  Should supplies run low, I may ask for donations later.  There is very little storage space in the portable classrooms for items beyond what I already have.

         Finally, the best way to get ahold of me is by email for now.  I will set up Class Dojo after we have started back.  My email address is Marcella_Stouffer@chino.k12.ca.us 

    I can also be reached by calling the office at (909) 597-0288.  They will send your call through to voicemail or if I am available I will answer.

      See you Monday!

    Ms. Stouffer



    • Contact information
    • Email: marcella_stouffer@chino.k12.ca.us
    • Phone: (909)597-0288 (school phone number where you can leave a message or be transferred to me during office hours).
    • Class Dojo:  I will send home information to connect you soon.  This is the method I use most often to send out announcements to the whole group.