Welcome to Mrs. Baker's Distance Learning Classroom!

    Tuesday, May 26th is our Device Return and Personal Belongings Pickup Day.  I have lots of things for your child to pickup. 

    To ensure social distancing, please see your last name initial and time to come listed below:  

    A-E  9:45-10:15

    F-K  10:15-10:45

    L-O  10:45-11:15

    P-S  11:15-11:45

    T-Z  11:45-12:15

    We are asking everyone to wear a mask. Thank you!


    Please make sure that you are checking into Seesaw daily for announcements and lessons. Lessons will also be posted on this page as well as in our Google Classroom

    I am available on line to help you or assist you in any way during my office hours.  My Virtual Learning office hours are 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Monday - Friday, but I am not limited to these hours. Please feel free to contact me anytime on Remind, email, Google Classroom, or through Seesaw.  If your child would like individual tutoring please go to our Google classroom and check my calendar and choose a time that will work for you.

     Here's how you can contact me:

    • By email Janet_baker@chino.k12.ca.us
    • By Remind ( if you are not connected on Remind you can access it by texting 81010 and text @d9f878)
    • Through Seesaw.  Please contact me and I will send you your child's access code or  access through https://app.seesaw.me/s/736-373-973
    • Google Classroom  access though Class link   or  classroom.google.com


    Liberty First Grade Syllabus -  Distance Learning 

    During this time of  distance learning, or online education,  it is vitally important that you check this Class Page daily.  Distance learning will be based upon material that has already been taught in First grade. There may be some new topics and I will be offering video taped lessons and live lessons on Google Meet. 


    Lessons will be posted daily on Seesaw, Google Classroom, and an outline posted here below.  


    There will be daily and weekly assignments posted for the students in Seesaw.  The assignments will be based on Connect Ed (Wonders), Pearson Math, IXL, SeeSaw, Brainpop, Mystery Science, Lexia, Jiji Math, and You tube. Students may access these through their ClassLink.

     Google Meet Lessons (Please see Google classroom for your group assignment):

        Monday- Red Group   1PM        Tuesday:  Blue Group    3PM     Wednesday:     Yellow Group      1pm         Thursday:    Green Group    1PM    Friday Fun Day     11:00 AM




    4/20 - 4/24


    Language Arts:

    Unit 4 Week 3 - Animals in the Wild

    Login to your ClassLink. Sign on to McGraw Hill Wonders.

    Throughout the week complete the items in your To-Do list. 


    M - Topic 16-1 Video, DQC 16-1
    T - Topic 16-2 Video, DQC 16-2
    W - Topic 16-3 Video, DQC 16-3
    Th - Topic 16-4 Video, DQC 16-4
    F - Topic 16 Test Practice + Enhanced Test

    Optional: Enrichment, Practice

    Language Arts:

    Login to your ClassLink. Sign on to McGraw Hill Wonders.

    Unit 4 Week 4 - Insects

    Throughout the week complete the items in your To-Do list. 


    M - Topic 2-3 Video, DQC 2-3
    T - Topic 2-4 Video, DQC 2-4
    W - Topic 2-5 Video, DQC 2-5
    Th - Topic 2-6 Video, DQC 2-6
    F - Topic 2-7 Video, DQC 2-7

    Optional: Enrichment, Practice

    Language Arts:

    Login to your ClassLink. Sign on to McGraw Hill Wonders.

    Unit 4 Week 5 - Working with Animals

    Throughout the week complete the items in your To-Do list. 

    M - Topic 2-8 Video, DQC 2-8

    T - Topic 2-9 Video, DQC 2-9

    W - Topic 2-11 Video, DQC 2-11

    Th - Topic 2 Test Practice 

    F - Enhanced Test

    Optional: Enrichment,  Practice

    5/4 - 5/8

    5/11 - 5/15


    Unit 4 Week 6 

    Unit 4 Assessment

    Animal Report


    M - Topic 5-1 Video, DQC 5-1
    T - Topic 5-2 Video, DQC 5-2
    W - Topic 5-3 Video, DQC 5-3
    Th - Topic 5-4 Video, DQC 5-4
    F - Topic 5-5 Video, DQC 5-5

    Optional: Enrichment, Practice

    5/11-5/15 -Finish Animal Report


    M - Topic 5-6 Video, DQC 5-6
    T - Topic 5-7 Video, DQC 5-7
    W - Topic 5-8 Video, DQC 5-8
    Th - Topic 5-9 Video, DQC 5-9
    F - Topic 5 Practice Test 

    Optional: Enrichment, Practice

    Wonders Unit 5 Week 2 - Day and Night


    M - Topic 5 Enhanced Test
    T - Topic 15-1 Video, DQC 15-1
    W - Topic 15-3 Video, DQC 15-3
    Th - Topic 15-6 Video, DQC 15-6
    F - Topic 15-7 Video, DQC 15-7

    Optional: Enrichment, Practice


     DELD Lessons are located in the Classroom Documents Page

    Programs We Will Use

    • ClassLink
      • Pearson Math
      • Connect Ed (Language Arts)
      • Lexia
      • STmath (Jiji Math)
      • SeeSaw   
      •      Word Waves are available here on the class page as well as on Seesaw.
      • RazKids
      • Ticket to Read
      • Brainpop
      • You Tube
      •  Google Classroom     classroom.google.com




    Assessments, Grades, and Feedback:
    There will be assessments assigned at the end of units to check for student understanding. 

    We will only record grades for summative assignments. Grades will either be immediately reported through the assigned websites, or posted in Aeries. Feedback will be given immediately.

  • You can now take AR tests at home. So when you read a story that I have assigned or that you have read on your own, you can take an AR test. Here’s how:
    1. Go to the Liberty website and click the student tab
    2. Go to classlink
    3. Type in your username and password (let me know if you need it)
    4. Click on the AR app
    5. Continue to website
    6. Use your username and password again
    7. Type in the title and take your test

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  • To access Pearson Math:

    You can access through classlink or from the Liberty website under the student tab.
    Click on students at the very bottom.
    At the left you will find Pearson Easybridge.
    Enter your child’s username and password.
    Choose Pearson Realize on the right.
    The browse button will let you look at all the Learning videos available.
    Classes button will let you access assignments and quizzes.
    Grades button will let you see how your child has done on the quizzes and tests.

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  •  To access Brainpop Jr :
    1. Go to the liberty website and choose the student tab
    2. Choose Classlink and log in using your child's username and password (let me know if you need that)
    3. Add ( + sign at the top)
    4. Type in Brainpop Jr
    5. Enter your child's username and password
    6. Once you are in BrainPop and push play you will need to enter for username: Libertybp password: brainpop


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    At-Home Learning


    Students will have the opportunity to access free, educational PBS daytime programmingdesignated for each grade level weekdays through the following channels:

    • Pre-K ‐ 3rd grade on PBS SoCal
    • Pre-K ‐ 12th grade on KLCS
    • 9th ‐ 12th grade on KCET

    KLCS will also offer a continued broadcast schedule of educational programming 24/7. Complete broadcast schedules will be available in the coming days.

    PBS SoCal’s and KCET’s evening schedules will not be impacted. We appreciate your understanding.

    Additional educational content is available on the free PBS KIDS Video App and PBS app.



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  • Scholastic Book Clubs will ship to your home! 

    Go to scholastic book clubs.com and use my class code   GLDLM

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