• Welcome to Mr. Painter’s Hybrid Learning Classroom

         Welcome to third grade, and welcome aboard the newly remodeled Rolling Ridge Express! I am Mr. Painter, and I am looking forward to working with ALL of you this year!   Be sure to read the information below to give yourself a detailed idea as to what to expect.  I look forward to seeing you soon!


    • Every morning, your child should be logged in by 8:15 every weekday with pencils, paper, and any requested resources.

    • Your child should have a designated “classroom desk” space in order to encourage focus and engagement. Limited distractions--no TV, no eating, no pajamas, etc.

    • It is recommended that an adult is nearby for technical assistance if needed. (Your may want to find families to "parent pool"-- take turns as supervisors of small groups of classmates in order to free up some of your time--somewhat like carpooling.)

    • Your child will be expected to follow all meeting expectations:     

      • Actively participate.  Your child MAY NOT leave the camera without permission.  This is still school.

      • NO FOOD!  Instead, be prepared with pencils, paper, and requested resources (i.e. textbooks, spiral notebooks, etc)  

      • Sound MUST be muted unless otherwise directed. Talking while someone else is talking is an interruption.

      • When class has ended, students must first get permission to close out of the session .  

      • Students may use the Chat function to ask questions of me or make comments about the topic being discussed ONLY WHEN INSTRUCTED, but may not use it for other purposes.  Do NOT allow your children to "talk" during class.  This detracts from the the lesson.  It is an interruption.

      • They should dress appropriately--no pajamas or robes which appears they are not prepared for school. 


    Email:  Michael_Painter@chino.k12.ca.us

    Community Technology Helpline:  (909) 628-1202  (ext. 1080)

    Rolling Ridge  (909) 628-9375


     VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS ( M, T, Th from 1:40 to 2:40 PM)--I will respond to your emailed inquiries within 24 hours


    SCHEDULE (for M, T, Th, Fri):

    8:15-30--Sign in to Google Meet; Attendance; Morning Message/ELA warm-up

    8:30-9:45--ELA Whole Group Lessons (McGraw/Hill--Wonders; Writing; Grammar; Reading)

    9:45-10--Snack/stretch break

    10-11:30--Savvas Math instruction (formerly called Pearson Math)

    11:30-12:10--LUNCH BREAK

    12:10-40--Science, social studies, read aloud


    1-1:15--short recess (restroom, snack, movement)

    1:15-1:35--DELD; personal writing; Read Theory/Who's Reading



    WEDNESDAY (minimum day) SCHEDULE:


    8:15-8:45--    Read instructions to Sign in to our class; Attendance; Second Step

    8:45-9:25--    Additional ELA support

    9:25-9:40--    short recess (restroom, snack, movement)

    9:40-9:55--    PE     NOTE:  My GATE students will meet with Mrs. Peterson from 10:15 to 10:45     

    9:55-10:30--  Savvas Math (formerly called Pearson)

    10:30-10:50-- DELD; personal writing; Read theory/Who's Reading



    • Assignments should be completed the same day that they were assigned.  We will review them together the next day.  If an assignment needs to be turned in, instructions will be given via Google Classroom stream.  
    • Assessments (quizzes and tests) will take place through Google Classroom during a Google Meet session.  Please do not assist your child.


    Your child likely recalls how to join, but just in case:

    *start with CLASSLINKS from RR web page, go to GOOGLE CLASSROOM, then enter student email which is Classlink username with @stu.chino.k12.ca.us (EX: mpainter@stu.chino.k12.ca.us)

    *Password is same as Classlink password--initial with last 3 digits of ID  (same as last year)

    *Join the class by clicking on the words near the upper left near my name (the longer one)

    *Enter the GOOGLE CLASSROOM code that you hopefully received this weekend via Aeries Communication.


    **To access Wonders through Google Classroom, please click on the McGraw-Hill/ConnectEd on your Classlink page.  Once that is open, you may click on the content attached to your assignment in Google Classroom.  It will redirect you to the content assigned. 


    ***To access Savvas Envision Math through Google Classroom, please click on the EasyBridge app on your Classlink page.  Once that is open, you may click on the content attached to your assignment in Google Classroom.  It will redirect you to the content assigned.  



    *In lieu of our posters that we'd normally have around the room, I suggest your child has 2 spiral/wirebound notebooks which to refer--one for ELA notes and one for math.

    *In addition, I recommend 4 pocketed folders for organized storage of papers we will do.  The topics would include Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies.  Until we go back to school, you may consider a fifth folder for finished homework.  Remember that these items are not mandatory, simply suggested.



    Whooo's Reading or Read Theory   For reading comprehension

    http://Whooosreading.org  and readtheory.org


    Area and Perimeter Game:



    Build Computational Fluency:



    Scholastic Book Online Ordering:

    Parents can order books online.  Use code GVLZG for first time ordering



    The Gifted Website



    Challenge & Gifted: Provides many resources for GATE students





  • *We will begin cursive and timed tests right away. Review basic subtraction and addition facts (up to 20) with your child.
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