Welcome to Canyon Hills Junior High

    and Ms. Shaw-Morgan's English/ Language Arts Class!


         Hello virtual new Coyotes!  As we begin this "distance learning" journey together, there are some rules and guidelines you will need to follow.  First, you will need a computer with a camera and microphone.  If you do not have one, you can check one out from the Canyon Hills Junior High library.  You will be expected to be on camera during class and will need to answer questions when asked.  I expect you to treat this virtual classroom as if we were physically at school: come to class dressed, prepared, and not distracted.  Put your phone away and concentrate on class the entire time- do not get up and leave unless you ask permission. It is important that you put your best effort into learning so you get the most out of it. 
    Here are more expectations:
    1.  Turn in all work to Google Classroom (or other places as directed such as turnitin.com, vocabulary.com, kahoot, etc.) by the due date.  I do not accept late work so do everything on time.
    2.  Make certain you use your school account (from classlink) to log in for class.  If you use a different email address it might not be recognized and you will be blocked.   Use Google Chrome as your browser.
    3.  Keep your agenda up-to-date. You will fill it out on Mondays and it will be graded the following Monday.  To get full points, your agenda must be filled out completely for this class and signed by a parent.  
    4.  Check this website, your school email, and our Google Classroom daily.  This district has implemented a daily attendance requirement for the days you are not in this class, so go to Google Classroom and do that requirement in order to not be marked absent.  
    5. Ask  questions in class or, if you think of it later, during office hours- do not email me when you can and should ask your question live.  This will help with exlanation and understanding.
    6.  Approach this new situation with grace for yourself and for me.  This is strange for me, also, and just as you have not been trained to learn online, I have not been trained to teach online, so we will all be doing our best.  
    Virtual office hours: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:45-2:30, and Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7:45-8:30.  Use this time to ask questions-the same as you would before or after school.  There is a new link for office hours.  It is in the "stream" of  your Google Classroom.   
    Contact information: Email: janice_shawmorgan@chino.k12.ca.us


  • Here are the Google Classroom codes:

    Period 1= k32kyim  

    Period 2= z2smoax  

    Period 3= nc3gwj6 

    Period 4= b3mkiud  

    Period 5= sdad614  

    Period 6= 7qj2ouy  


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  • Here are the turnitin.com Class ID and Enrollment Key for each class:

    Period 1=            

    Period 2=             

    Period 3=      

    Period 4=      

    Period 0=     

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      If possible, please consider donating a box or more of tissue to our class. 

     Please consider donating a bag of bite-sized candy.

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