• Earth Science From the Moon Earth Science

    Mr. Lawhorn

    Room B120
    Phone: 909-627-3584 EXT 2120

    Contact info: brian_lawhorn@chino.k12.ca.us




    What will you learn in Earth Science?

     Earth from space

    1. Earths Minerals & Resources – Rocks, minerals, natural resources.


     Various rocks & minerals.

    2. Astronomy – Our sun, the Solar System, the moon, and universe.


     Relative size of Planets

    3. Sculpting Earth’s Surface – Running water, glaciers, rivers, and deserts.

    Desert Dunes. Grand Canyon




    4. Forces Within Earth – Earthquakes, volcanoes, and Mountains.

     Volcanic Eruption Earthquake causes rail deformity.

    5. Oceanography – Ocean life and the Dynamic Ocean.


     Movement of water in the ocean.

    6. Meteorology – The atmosphere, clouds, weather patterns and climate.

     Weather pattern.


    7. How to use scientific inquiry to answer questions.
     Discovery Thinking