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    Welcome back Bulldogs to the wonderful world of Chemistry.  I hope that the last 12 months away has re-energized your spirits!  Looking forward to seeing all of your masked faces live and in-person.

    • Class Link
      • Click on this link: Student Classlink CVUSD
      • Login:  District user name (not email - only use the part of your email before the @ symbol)
        • Example: if my email is blawhorn@stu.chino.k12.ca.us.  I would ONLY enter: blawhorn
      • Password: District Password (capital letter of your first name, then the first letter of your last name lower case, followed by the last 5 numbers of your student ID)
    • Distance Learning on Google Classroom
      • Use the app/button labeled "Google Classroom" and you will have NO issues.
      • IMPORTANT - Please remember that you must use your school email and passwords when logging into Google Classroom. 
    • Checking E-mail
      • You will NOT be able to check your email in gmail.  You must use the office 365 app/button in your classlink.


    • Classroom Expectations:
    • The Syllabus will be uploaded on Google classroom as well.
    • Contact information


    • Attendance
      • For In Class Attendance: you will be required to be in your seat before the bell rings to be marked present.  If you are walking in as the bell rings, you will be marked tardy. You will have an assigned seat. 
      • For Asynchronous Attendance
      • Students will log in to Google Classroom and complete work by 2:00pm for attendance credit.

        Work on asynchronous days will consist a Google question and one of the following: 

        • Continued work from previous day’s in class lessons
        • Preview of upcoming work (reading in preparation for discussion)
        • Video(s) to view
        • Study/review learning from previous day
        • Prepare for future assessment or project  


    • Agendas for each day for both Cohort A and B will be posted to Google Classroom. Students can access both Google Classroom and school email (Outlook) through Classlink. 


    • Office hours
      • Will now be after school Tuesday - Friday 2:30 to 3:30. 


    • Class Assignments
      • We will be continue to use Google Classroom to post and submit electronic assignments.  If you have any difficulties accessing Google classroom, please send me let me know when I see you during class time.  If it occurs at an off-hours time, please send an email.
    • Class Expectations and Syllabus:

      Can be found by clicking on the pages on the left. 


      Grades will be updated through Aeries.