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    from now until April 3rd or later check back here for daily lessons. 

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    We will utilizing the Anatomy textbook and videos based on certain areas.
    3/30 to 4/3 will be a review of Respiratory System.
    Assignments after that, if needed, will be posted on a weekly basis.
    Tests and assignments will be done and transmitted back to Mr. Blank.

    We will be using Discovery modules and selected videos.

    3/30 to 4/3 will be a review of 4.3. All students will finish any assignments up to that time.

    Assignments after that, if needed, will be posted on a weekly basis.

    Tests and assignments will be transmitted back to Mr. Blank.    




    March 30th

     Biology - Fiinish all questions in 4.3 of Discovery. If finished watch Video on Mendel.

    Anatomy - Write one page paper on howrespiratory system works.

    March 31st  

    Biology - Begin reading 4.4 and do all questions in Explore, Explain, and Engage.

    Anatomy - Watch respiratory video.


    April 1st


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    le" is useful for extra credit...
    Hi Everyone!
      Here are some things that you should know about Honors Biology class:

    1) READING SUMMARIES are to be done when assigned for each SECTION of the chapter. So sometimes there are 2 or 3 per chapter. These summaries must be done on the downloadable form. The reason for downloading is that 1 of our expected school-wide  learning results is to have students become technologically proficient. The reason for the summary is to guarantee some textbook reading. There will be in-class textbook reading activities as well, to fall in line with the new Common Core State Standards.

    2) HOMEWORK QUESTIONS are in the notes at the end of each section, and are to be done when that section of notes is completed. Questions are to be written first, then answered. They will be gone over in class, and kept in the student's binder. As subsequent homework questions are assigned, they will also be reviewed, and kept in the binder until the end of the chapter. At that time, they will be stapled and studied for a quiz on the homework answers. They will be turned in before the test.
    3) STANDARDS  must be addressed during each chapter. To that end, there is a cover sheet for each set of notes, also downloadable. The answers to "how the standard was learned" must be generated by the student, on this cover sheet. I give them class time to discuss these with their partners. They are worth points for classwork along with the completed class notes. Please emphasize the importance of reviewing the notes to contemplate how the standards were learned. This cover sheet will be downloaded at home and stapled to the notes.

    4) HOT (HIGHER ORDER THINKING) questions are done at various points throughout the chapter. These are also done partner-style. They are designed for more deeper thinking than just filling in the blanks. But, they are created directly from the notes, in direct sequence to how the material was learaned.

    5) REVIEW SHEETS are done as homework, prior to each test, in an effort to help students organize their thoughts for study. If they don't study these, they don't do well on the tests. The students must complete the review sheet before we do the review in class in order to get credit. Part of learning is for them to re-visit their notes to get the information. If they choose to simply copy the answers as we review on the PowerPoint, they will not receive the homework credit. I will be checking these sheets before the start of the test review.

    6) GRADING Tests and quizzes are worth 60% of the total grade, Homework is worth 20% and Classwork/Labs are also worth 20%.
    7) Extra Credit Each assignment that receives full credit will earn a "Big Apple" stamp. The goal is for each student to earn 15 apples per grading period. When 45 apples are earned by the end of the semester, extra credit will be applied to the total grade score.
    8) Class Notebook A 3-ring binder is required for class, with associated dividers described to the students in class. The purpose for this is 2-fold:
       a) for students to keep work organized
       b) for students to keep all graded work until  a grade report is given. In this way, if there is an error in uploading grades, students can show a graded assignment for the grade to be changed.
    I hope this answers any questions that you may have, and feel free to e-mail me at Lorraine_Vara@chino.k12.ca.us

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Vara
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