• Welcome to Ms. E. Williams’ Distance Learning Classroom!

    from now until May 5th, check back here for daily lessons  

    Questions/comments email anytime: elizabeth_williams@chino.k12.ca.us

    Starting March 30th teacher virtual office hours, thru email, will be: Monday-Thursday 10 a.m.-12.p.m.


    For ALL classes, complete 1 project per week, using the packet handed out in class on Friday, which may be copied or rewritten on a new sheet of paper. You can also find the pages in the distance learning project packet tab that can be downloaded or copied.  Project is worth 50 points and has four parts, all parts must be submitted at the same time.

    • You may submit through google docs or office 365 or email. You may also take a photo of the document and submit the photo. The four parts include:

    1. Recipe with source cited

    2. Creating a "Thinking about...." page 

    3. Making the recipe

    4. Sensory evaluation & rubric (filled out and signed by an adult) This counts as 2 of the required parts.

    5. Video or photo is optional but will add extra points to the project


    • March 30th - April 5th  (Monday- Sunday) One Project due

    Period 1 & 4 Recipe with a Cooking Method: roasting, broiling, pan fry,

    stir fry, poach, steam, grill or broil

    Period 2 Recipe with Meat, Fish or Poulty or Vegetarian

    Period 5 Recipe with a Legume (bean, dried peas, nuts or seeds),or

    a Grain (rice, oats, quinoa, bulgur,etc.) or an international food recipe.

    Period 6 Any nutritous recipe.

    • April 6th- April 12th   One Project due, repeat the requirements as stated above.
    • April 13th- April 19th One Project due, repeat the requirements as stated above.
    • April 20th- April 26th One Leadership project due: Watch the FCCLA State Leadership           

                                                                     Virtual Conference.  Details posted soon.

                                                                     Saturday April 25th 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

    • April 27th- May 1st One Project due, repeat the requirements as before.

    Project Packet Details

    • Select your recipe based on ingredients you have at home. Americas Test kitchen is offering 50 of their best recipes for free right now.www.americastestkitchen.com/articles/2240-resources-you-can-count-on-to-cook-well-and-be-well   An appetizer recipe, Scallion Pancakes, is both a pan fry and steaming cooking method (Cul 1) as well as an International Foods recipe. Scallions are green onions! 
    • There are also videos with the recipes on that site that you can watch to create the thinking about page
    • Know and cite the source of your recipe, including your grandma! Avoid Cooks.com and Allrecipes.com as students have NOT had success with their recipes. Read the comments posted to see where there were problems. www.tasteofhome.com is another site with easy common recipes.  Family recipes are ok too!
    • Inventory what you have, check experation dates and don't forget to include garnishes!
    • Recipe must be typed or neatly printed and include title, list of ingredients with measurements, step by step directions and the number of servings. 
    • Create a "Thinking About...." page for your recipe with questions and answers (Period 6 must include a question or two on nutrition)
    • Use the sample questions provided to create 10-12 questions with answers that apply to your recipe.
    • Make your recipe and have an adult fill out the rubric provided and sign.
    • Include a sensory evaluation with the 1 -2 words per category and you may list them right on the rubric page in any empty space. So then the rubric page becomes 2 of the required parts to submit.
    • Video tape yourself cooking or take a photo of your finished creation for extra points.


    Remember: Be safe, be healthy and wash your hands!!