Welcome to Mr. Britten’s Distance Learning Classroom


    from now until May 1st, check back here for daily lessons.

    e-mail: You may contact me at kevin_britten@chino.k12.ca.us

    Office Hours: I will be available via e-mail every Tuesday and Thursday 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.

    (in reality, you may send me an e-mail any time)

    I am also available via the Remind app: @mrbschem to 81010


    Remote Syllabus:

    We are currently in a distance learning environment. Beginning March 30, students will be expected to retreive assignments via Google Classroom. Students will be expected to complete assignments on their own, with assistance available from me during Office Hours. Until further notice, all assignments will be available on Google Classroom. Instructions for submission and assessments will be availble in a timely manner on this site.  


    I expect my AP Students to be proactive in retrieving and completing assignments on their own. We are entering the time to begin preparation for the May 11 APES Exam. Until further notice, this date is still valid. I will be assigning a variety of study and test prep aids including practice exams and practice FRQ's. I expect students to adhere to the academic honesty clause of the course syllabus that was given to you in September. 


    Link to Google Classroom:

    Period 5 APES - Google Classroom


    Current assignment schedule:

    March 30: Review Air Pollution. This can be a combination of textbook and the "Thaler" slides. (Google Classroom)

    March 31: Review Air Pollution. This can be a combination of textbook and the "Thaler" slides. (Google Classroom)

    April 1: (Tentative) Take Unit 11 Exam and FRQ. (instructions for administration are pending)

    April 2: Work on APES Review Chart

    April 3: Work on APES Review Chart


    Also, feel free to look through the links at the bottom of this page. There, you will find some useful review materials. There will be more review materials to come. 


    Please realize we are in a very fluid environment. Things are changing several times each day, and it is impossible to anticipate changes. Working together, we will all perservere and be prepared for the APES Exam. 


    AP Environmental Science is a multi-discipline course that covers some Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Astronomy, Political Science, History and Economics. It has proven to be very popular in part because we encourage free thinking and creativity. It is a work in progress, and if you take the course, you are encouraged to provide input that will make the learning process even more efficient. Please be advised that success in this course requires excellent time-management and study skills.






    AP Exam Review Powerpoint

    Click HERE  to open the APES review 2018


    FRQ Topics

    Click HERE to open 2018 "Hot Topics"