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    The student will...

    REMEMBER Use existing knowledge to define the elements of art:line, shape, form, space, value, color, and texture.

    UNDERSTAND Expand their definition of line, shape, form, space, color, value and texture by identifying and describing warm colors, cool colors, primary colors, geometric shapes, organic shapes, and various types of lines and textures.

    APPLY View, identify, and describe the elements of art in a series of art works ranging from antiquity to present

    ANALYZE Identify and discuss the element's expressive qualities. Ex. A jagged line could express anger. A warm color could express happiness. The color red stands out and catches your eye first. Compare the use of line, shape color, texture, form and space in two art works and discuss the similarities and differences between the two.

    EVALUATE Make judgements about selected artworks based on criteria established while supporting ideas with evidence.  Ex.) What is your favorite part of the painting? Why?

    CREATE Use their knowledge of the elements of art to respond to a series of drawing prompts and create an original work of art. In addition to the classroom activities, connections will be made between the elements of art and other core academic subjects.









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