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  • Good morning ladies and gentleman.

    This is the 3rd assignment for U.S. History, Period One.

    You have been doing a good job. Always write the questions. Always include a heading. Name, date, period.

    I prefer typed to handwritten because it allows me to go over the work faster BUT if you cannot type that is fine.

    15.3--The Second Red Scare, Late 1940s-Early 1950s

    1. Why was the fear of communism growing in the 1940s?

    2. What methods and actions did the government use to fight the spread of communism at home?

    3. Who was Senator Joseph McCarthy AND what was his role in the Second Red Scare?

    4. What event caused President Truman to decide to strengthen the nation's military?

    5. How did Mao's communists end up taking control of China?

    6. What was the original purpose of the House Un-American Activities Committee?

    7. What evidence did McCarthy produce to support his claims? Why did Americans believe McCarthy's charges?

    Key Terms and People

    1. Chiang Kai-shek  2. Mao Zedong  3. Hollywood Ten--What were they accused of? How were they affected by the charges?  4. Alger Hiss

    5. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg  6. Klaus Fuchs

    Due Friday 10:00 AM. Email to me, gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us  STAY WELL!!




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  • World History--Assignment # 3--Chapter 14 Section 3, 14.3

    You have been doing a good job. Please put the heading at top of your work. Name, period, date. I prefer typed assignments to handwritten assignments but if you cannot type that is fine.

    14.3--The Allies Turn The Tide of the War--1942-1945

    1. List 3 ways in which the Allied governments mobilized all resources for the war effort.

    2. Who were the "Big Three"?

    3. How did the Allies push back the Axis Powers on 4 fronts?

    4. What aggreements did Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin come to at Yalta?

    5. How were aircraft carriers valuable to the U.S. during World War II?


    1. Rosie the Riveter  2. aircraft carrier  3. Dwight Eisenhower  4. Stalingrad  5. D-Day  6. Yalta Conference

    This assignment is due Friday at 10:00 AM.


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  • The following assignment is for U.S. History, Period One.

    15.2. Wednesday April 1st (April Fool's Day)

    I realize you may not have your book. Use your devices and do the best you can. Send your work to me via Email.

    Write the questions and number the Terms and People

    1. Following World War II, how did the U.S. manage to avoid the severe economic problems that some people had predicted?

    2. The 1946 elections were a disaster for the Democrats. What happened?

    3. What was the result of the 1948 Presidential election?

    4. What were some ways the U.S. and other nations tried to build a better world after WWII?

    5. According to the United Nations Charter, when is the use of force pemissible?

    6. Harry S. Truman became President upon the death of FDR. Truman was very unprepared to become President. How come?

    Terms and People

    1. G.I. Bill   2. baby boom   3. Fair Deal   4. Universal Declaration of Human Rights   5. World Bank

    This assignment is due by 11:00 AM Thursday. Email to me: gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us

    Stay well.

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  • The following work is for World History Classes, Periods 2,3,5. I realize most of you do not have your book so use your devices to do the work.

    Wednesday April 1st (April Fool's Day)

    14.2--The Axis Advances. Write the questions and write the answers. Be sure to number the T,P,P

    1. Describe Germany's blitzkrieg tactics.

    2. How did the Axis powers achieve victories in 1939-1940? Which regions fell under Axis rule in 1939-1940?

    3. Referring to the Battle of Britain in 1940, Winston Churchill said, "Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few." What did he mean by this??

    4. What caused Hitler's invasion of the USSR to stall?

    5. Japan conquered much of Asia and the Pacific. How did they treat conquered people?

    6. By 1941, why did Japanese leaders view the U.S. as an enemy?


    1. blitzkrieg   2. Luftwaffe   3. Vichy   4. Holocaust   5. General Erwin Rommel   6. concentration camps   7. Lend-Lease Act

    This assignment is due Thursday by 11:00 AM. Email to me. gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us

    Stay well.


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  • Period 6--Athletic P.E.


    Good morning. My suggestion is that the baseball guys check this page every other day. I'll have some suggestions for you but I'm sure you are probably already doing most of what I will suggest. For the Water Polo class I will not have anything for you, please contact your coach.

    We are going to operate this way through at least May 1st. Our season has not been canceled.

    So, for today and tomorrow, Tuesday March 30th and Wednesday April 1st:

    Baseball guys: Get some exercise. Jog and sprint. Do all of the plyometrics that we have done. Play catch. Swing a bat. Do pushups and situps. Visualize having success on the field (****If you don't train your mind than everything else is pretty useless). Be careful about what you eat and limit your soda intake. Boredom can easily lead to overeating.

    Here is your homework:

    Email to me a "Thought For The Day." Due by Thursday. It can be one you make up or one you remember. I can be serious or funny, philosophical or silly. My email is gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us Please contact your teammates because I doubt that everybody will be looking on this page.

    If we never practice together again I want you to know that the 2020 Chino Cowboys will always be a fond memory for me.

    Take care of yourselves

    Coach Libby






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  • Good morning. Your assignments can be found here between now and May 1st. My email address is gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us  I will let you know, with each assignment, either "Email this assignment to me", or "Keep this assignment until we return."

    I realize most of you do not have your textbook. Use your devices to help you with the work.

    We will focus on People, Events, Terms, and Places

    The following is your assignment for Monday March 30th and Tuesday March 31st.

    Heading: 14.1 Standards Check Questions and T,P,P. Write the questions and number the T, P, P

    Chapter 14 Focus Question: How did aggressive world powers emerge, and what did it take to defeat them in World War II?

    1. Describe what Japan did in Manchuria and Eastern China in the 1930s

    2. Describe what Italy did in Ethiopia beginning in 1935.

    3. Describe what Hitler did in the Rhineland in 1936 and what was the result.

    4. List three reasons for the western policy of appeasement in the 1930s.

    5. How did the Spanish Civil War involve Germany, Italy, the USSR, and the U.S.?

    6. Why did Hitler feel it was right for Germany to take Austria and the Sudetenland?

    7. What convinced Britain and France to finally end their policy of appeasement?

    TPP--1. appeasement   2. pacifism   3. Axis Powers   4. Francisco Franco   5. Anschluss   6. Sudetenland   7. Nazi-Soviet Pact

    Email this assignment to me by noon Tuesday

    Thank you and Be Well



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  • We are beginning Chapter 15, The Cold War Begins.

    I realize most of you do not have your textbook. Use your devices to help you with the work.

    We will focus on People, Events, and Vocabulary

    I will post your assignments on this page at least thru May 1st. My email address is gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us With each assignment I will tell you either, "Email this assignment to me", or "Keep this assignment until we return." The following is your assignment for Monday the 30th and Tuesday the 31st.

    At the end of World War II, tensions between the USSR and the U.S. deepened, leading to an era known as the Cold War. This struggle between democracy and communism led to a long war of ideas and propaganda with occasional outbreaks of fighting, not between the two superpowers but between allies of the superpowers.

    Your Written Work: Heading--Chapter 15 Section One. Write the questions and the answers

    Answer the following:

    1. What were the roots of the Cold War?

    2. What was the Iron Curtain?

    3. How did the U.S. respond to actions of the USSR in Europe in the years after World War II?

    4. What was the crisis in Berlin in the 1940s and how was it resolved?


    1. Cold War     2. containment     3. George F. Kennan     4. Harry S. Truman     5. Truman Doctrine     6. Marshall Plan   7. Berlin Airlift  8. NATO

    Email this assignment to me by noon Tuesday. Thank you and take care of yourself

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  • Good morning,

    "Distance Education--March 30-TBD"

    Revised Syllabus--Term: Spring 2020

    Contact info: gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us

    Office Hours: M-F 8:00-10:00 AM and probably much more often than that.

    You will need to take much responsibility for your learning during these very unordinary times. Be aware of due dates.

    I'll do my best to answer student emails within 24 hours (probably much sooner than that) and evaluate work within five days.

    The grading will be Pass-Fail, not A, B, C, D, F. A minimal effort, not following directions, non-participation will result in a failing grade.

    In U.S. History we will be covering the Cold War, The Korean War, The Eisenhower Era, the Atomic Age, The New Frontier and The Great Society. We will cover the Civil rights Era and The vietnam War. We will cover the fight for change, the Counterculture, and into the 21st Century.

    World History will cover World War II, The Cold War, the emergence of new nations and regional conflicts. Terrorism and the developing world will be covered and we will finish with the world today, including social and environmental challenges.


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  • Welcome to Mr. Libby"s distance Learning Classroom

    from now until ***April 3rd , please use the extended learning plan located  HERE (click on the link)



    **Secondary teachers can choose what date they will start their teacher created plans 

    Please check back here on April 6th for updates.




    Good morning,

    My office hours, the times when you can contact me, will be from 8:00-10:00 AM, M-F. Chances are I will be checking this page much more often than that.

    I will begin to post assignments beginning on March 30th. 

    So.......welcome to Mr. Libby's online distance learning classroom. This is where you will look to get your assignments.

    You may also email me: gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us

    These are very strange times but for now just enjoy the Lakers and Clippers....oh, yeah. Ok, have a good time with March Madness....that's right, canceled. Well, the Dodgers and Angels are playing......No?? Wow!! This would be a good time, then, to go to a movie......Holy cow, no movies either???!!! You might just need to enjoy family and friends, have a party!! What?? Social Distancing??? No large groups?? What in the world??!! Go to dinner, just you and your closest friend......Restaurants are CLOSED??!!! What is this, a PANDEMIC?? It is? Oh. Right.










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