• Welcome to Mr. Libby's Distance Learning Classroom!!!

  • May 22--U.S. History--Assignment #34


    This is your last assignment for this class. Your grades will be posted on Monday, May 25th.


    Key Terms/People--1.George H.W. Bush  2. Bill Clinton  3. George W. Bush  4. Osama bin Laden  5. Al Qaeda  6. Challenger Space Shuttle

    7. Tiananmen Square Massacre

    1. What was significant about President Reagan's call, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!!"?

    2. What was the "Contract With America"?

    3. What were some success and failures of the Clinton presidency?

    4. Why was President Clinton impeached?

    5. How did the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the U.S. change America?

    So that is it for this class and for me. After 38 years it is time for me to say good-bye for the last time. I'll be retiring as of July 1st. I've spoken and written a lot of words to a lot classes and right now I am kind of speechless. It has been a pleasure. Thank you very much.


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  • May 22--World History


    Today will be our last assignment for this class. I will begin working on your sememster grade this weekend and post all grades Monday.

    Today we are taking a survey. As usual, write the questions.

    1. What, if anything, have you liked about Distance Learning?

    2. What, if anything, have you disliked about Distance Learning?

    3. Do you think school will re-open as usual in August? If, so, why do you believe this? If not, why do you believe this?

    4. Do you think we should have shut down the school the way we did in March or do you think shutting down for the last 12 weeks was a response that was not necessary?

    5. If you could sit on a "Re-Opening Committee" what suggestions would you make?

    6. Will you be willling to wear a mask while on campus when we start back to school?

    7. Do you agree or disagree with this statement: Unless you are over 65 years old with an already existing health condition then you really had little to worry about from Covid-19.

    8. Do you personally know anybody who got sick with Covid -19?

    9. What has been the most difficult thing for you regarding the "stay at home" orders?

    10. Do you think some of the "stay at home orders" from our leaders has been "over the top" or just about right?

    I will not be seeing you when school re-opens. I've been teaching for 38 years, started when I was 23 years old. It is time to "hang 'em up", I'll be retiring as of July 1st. Thank you very much, it has been a pleasure!!



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  • Good morning!!

    May 21--U.S. History--22.1--A Conservative Era

    Key Terms and People--1. Ronald Reagan  2. New Right  3. Jerry Falwell  4. supply-side economics

    1. As the 1980 presidential election approached why was America ready for a change?

    2. What was the Reagan Revolution and who supported it?

    That is all for today.

    Enjoy your Thursday!!



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  • May 21--Thursday--Assignment #33.

    1. List some causes of conflict in the Middle East.

    2. Why did Egypt attract the interests of the U.S. and USSR during the Cold War?

    3. How has Jerusalem been an obstacle to resolving the conflict between Arabs and Israelis?

    4. In the late 1970s through much of the 1980s the U.S. was determined that Nicaragua "would not becaome another Cuba."

          A. What was meant by this?

          B. What did the U.S. do about it?

    Enjoy your day


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  • May 20--World History--Hump Day!!!!

    Good morning. We will have an assignment today, an assignment for Thursday (which I will post tonight), and an assignment Friday. That will be it!!!

    19.5--Advances In Science and Technology

    TPP--1. artificial satellite  2. International Space Station  3. personal computer (pc)  4. Internet  5. biotechnology  6. laser  7. genetics 

    8. genetic engineering

    1. What has been the impact of artificial satellites?

    2. How have computers evolved?

    3. What impact have personal computers had on people's lives?

    4. How have scientific advances affectd people's standard of living?

    Enjoy your day.

    Your sophomore year is...almost...over!!!



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  • May 20--Good morning ladies and gentlemen of U.S. History!! Hump Day!!!


    Key Terms and People--1. James Earl "Jimmy" Carter  2. SALT II  3. Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini

    1. How did the decision to pardon Nixon for any possible crimes hurt President Ford?

    2. What were the key features of the Camp David Accords?

    3. How did international crises affect the Carter presidency?

    Due by noon on Thursday.

    Enjoy your day!!



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  • May 19--U.S. History

    Good morning!!

    **** Today we get into the Watergate scandal. The Nixon presidency got bogged down in the scandal that began with the break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel (hence the name of the scandal, Watergate) in June 1972. The scandal led to the first presidential resignation (and still the only resignation by a U.S. president) in our history. Gerald Ford, who was the Vice President, took over as President.

    Key Terms--1. Watergate scandal  2. Saturday Night Massacre  3. Gerald R. Ford  4. Bob Woodward  5. Carl Bernstein

    1. What were the results of the 1972 presidential election?

    2. Why did Nixon's advisors agree to allow the break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters?

    3. The Watergate burglars got caught. Who/what did a fantastic job of investigating everything involving the Watergate scandal?

    4. Why was the revelation that Nixon taped every conversation in his office (the "Oval Office") so significant?

    5. What is "executive privilege"?

    6. Why did President Nixon resign from office?

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

    Due Wednesday 1:00pm

    We are nearing the end!!!



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  • May 19--World History

    Welcome back!! How is your Tuesday??

    World History 19.4--Security in a Dangerous World

    ***-The end of the Cold War seemed to promise an end to global conflict and international tension but just a decade later people and nations around the world once again worried about being attacked--this time by terrorists.

    TPP--1. Terrorism  2. Afghanistan  3. Taliban  4. Osama bin Laden  5. September 11, 2001

    1. What was the purpose of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT)?

    2. What are some tactics used by terrorists?

    3. What are the goals of terrorists?

    4. Why is terrorism so difficult to control?

    5. What is al Qaeda?

    6. Why did the U.S. send troops to Afghanistan?  (By the way, the U.S. STILL has troops in Afghanistan but President Trump has said that they will be leaving very soon.)

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

    Due Wednesday 11:00 AM

    We are getting near the end...........

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  • May 18--World History

    Good Monday to you!! This is our last week for Distance Learning. Your last assignment will be given on Friday and will be due Sunday.

    Your Second Semester Grade for this class will be posted on Aeries on Monday, May 25th.

    Have a good week, finish strong!

    19.3--Social and Environmental Change

    ****Globalization has brought all kinds of social and envronmental issues to the world's attention. Poverty, disease, environmental threats may originate far from where you live (example: Covid-19) but require global solutions.

    TPP--1. tsunami  2. epidemic  3, pandemic  4. famine  5. refugee  6. acid rain  7. deforestation  8. erosion  9. global warming

    1. What are some causes of famine and migration?

    2. How are the human rights of children around the world violated?

    3. What are some environmental issues people face today?

    That's it for today.

    Due by 12:00 PM tomorrow

    Have a great day!!

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  • May 18--U.S. History

    Good morning!! Hope you had as much fun over the weekend as the Governor would allow!

    This week will conclude Distance Learning for this class. Our last assignment will be given Friday. It will be due Sunday.

    We will touch upon a variety of topics this week.

    I'll work on grades next weekend and have them finished by Monday, May 25th. This will be your 2nd Semester Grade.

    21.1--The Nixon Years

    Richard Nixon became the President of the United States in January, 1969. Beyond the ongoing turmoil of the Vietnam War, the Nixon administration enjoyed some notable success.

    Key Terms and People--1. realpolitik  2. detente  3. SALT I  4. OPEC  5. shuttle diplomacy  6. Apollo 11  7. Neil Armstrong

    1. Under Nixon, what was the New Federalism?

    2. What was Nixon's role in environmental protection?

    3. What programs or legislation did Nixon promote to help poor and working class Americans?

    4. What was Nixon's primary goal in regards to China?

    Due Tuesday 11:00

    Enjoy your Monday




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  • Good morning!!! TGIF!!

    We have one more week of Distance Learning in this class. Our last assignment will be given May 22nd

    There will NOT be a final exam. Grades will be posted on the afternoon of May 25th.

    20.3--Culture and Counterculture--U.S. History

    Key Terms and People--1. Countercuture  2. Establishment  3. Free Speech Movement  4. flower children  5. Summer of Love  6. pop art

    1. What led to the rise of the counterculture?

    2. How did counterculture lifestyles differ from traditional middle-class Americans?

    3. How did mainstream American society react to the counterculture?

    4. What was the legacy of the counterculture?

    5. Woodstock was a concert held in rural New York in August, 1969. It was huge, more than 400,000 people attended. Some of the great musical acts of the day played at this concert. If you ever get a chance to see the documentary, Woodstock: Three Days of Peace and Music, I think you will enjoy it.

    What was the significance of Woodstock, other than being a music concert?

    Due--Sunday 3:00 PM.

    Have a great weekend!!!

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  • May 15--World History--TGIF!!!

    One week to go of Distance Learning in this class. Our last assignment will be given May 22.

    I'll have grades posted by the end of the day, Monday, May 25th.

    There is NOT a Final Exam.


    TPP--globalization  2. interdependence  3. outsourcing  4. multinational corporation  5. World Trade Organization (WTO)

    6.  protectionism  7. bloc  8. sustainability  9. Group of Eight (G-8)

    1.  How is globalization affecting economies and societies around the world?

    2. What effect can the reduction in oil production in one country have on other countries around the world?

    3. Why was the IMF established?

    4. What is NAFTA?

    5. Why are many opposed to NAFTA?

    Due: Sunday 6:00 PM

    Have a great weekend!!!

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  • May 14--World History

    Good morning!! Moving on to Chapter 19--The World Today. This will be the last chapter we cover!!

    19.1--Industrialized Nations After The Cold War

    TPP--1. European Union  2. euro  3. default  4. Vladimir Putin  5. surplus  6. deficit  7. Pacific Rim

    *** The end of the cold War saw old empires crumble and new nations emerge. It also marked the beginning of a new global econimy--an economy n which economic ties among nations and international trade would become driving forces in shaping globasl patterns.

    1. What challenges has Germany faced since reunification?

    2. Briefly, how did the collapse of the USSR affect the United States?

    3. What are the Asian Tigers?

    4. Why is the Pacific Rim seen as an important link in the global economy?

    Due Friday by 11:00 AM

    Have a great day!!





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  • May 14--U.S. History--Good morning ladies and gentlemen!!

    20.2--Latinos Fight For Rights

    Key Terms and People--1. social justice  2. Cesar Chavez  3. Chicano  4. La Raza Unida Party  5. The Brown Berets  6. Boricua

    1. In the early 1960s, one third of Latino families in the U.S. lived below the level of poverty, had high unemployment, and limited education. T-F

    2. What barriers did Latinos face in education?

    3. What event launched Latinos' struggle for social justice?

    4. What were the main goals of the movements for Latino rights?

    Due Friday by 10:00 AM

    Have A Great Day!!!


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  • Good morning ladies and gentlemen!!

    Plan on our Distance Learning continuing through May 22nd.

    Keep pushing, most of you have been doing a great job.

    20.1--A Time of Social Change

    Key Terms and People--1. Betty Friedan  2. feminism  3. National Organization for Women (NOW)  4. Equal Rights Amendment  5. Phyllis Schlafly

    6. Roe v. Wade  7. American Indian Movement (AIM)  8. Russell Means

    1. What led to the revival of the women's movement in the 1960s?

    2. What factors contributed to women's dissatisfaction in the workplace?

    3. What significant changes resulted from Native American occupation of Alcatraz Island in 1969?

    That is all for today.

    Due Thursday by 10:00

    By the way, all books left in my room have been returned to the library.

    Stay well.



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  • May 13--World History--18.4

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen!!

    The plan now is to continue with our assignments through May 22. Grades will be determined after that.

    Some of you have raised your grade two entire grades since we started Distance Learning. Finish strong. The assignments in these last 9 days count just as much as any of the other assignments.

    18.4--Latin America Builds Democracy

    TPP--1. import substitution  2. agribusiness  3. Contra  4. liberation theology  5. Organization of American States  6. Sandinistas  7. indigenous

    8. Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo  9. subsistence farming  10. commercial farming

    1. How have Latin American governments tried to improve their economies?

    2. Why does the U.S. government hace such strong views about events in Latin America?

    That is all for today. Due Thursday by 10:00 AM

    By the way, the books that were left in my room have been returned to the library.

    Stay well.


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  • May 12--World History

    Nothing new today. Will be back with a new assignment tomorrow.

    Today is a good day to do previous assignments.

    I'll be at the school turning in any books that were left in my room when this whole thing started. You will not have to worry about turning it in.

    Have a good day.



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  • May 12--U.S. History--Current Events

    Very short assignment today. I'll be at the school bringing your books to the library for any of you that left them in my room when this whole thing started. You do not have to worry about turning your book in, if it was in my room I will be turning it in for you.

    1. Who is William (Billl) Ayers? How did he express his anger of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War?

    2. Would you consider him a terrorist? (yes, no) Briefly explain why.

    3. What is Ayers' connection to Barack Obama?

    4. What was the response of the Chinese government to the massacre at Tiananmen Square? Is it similar to their response to the current worldwide pandemic?

    That is all for today. Will be back tomorrow.




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  • May 11--World History--Monday!!

    18.3 (Continued)--India

    1. How did India seek economic development?

    2. How successful were these policies?

    3. How did economic development lead to social change?

    4. How did the Green Revolution affect India's economic growth?

    5. What has India done to limit population growth? Were they successful?

    Due Tuesday by 10:00 AM

    Hang in there. You have been doing a great job.

    Stay well

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  • May 11--U.S. History

    Good morning!! Monday, our favorite day of the week!!!

    19.4 (Continued)--"The War Ends"

    1. Who were The Weathermen?

    2. Regarding the Vietnam War, what was important about the following dates:

       November, 1972

       December, 1972

       January, 1973

       April 1975


    3. Who were the Boat People?

    4. How many soldiers died or were wounded in the Vietnam War?

    5. Who is Maya Ying Lin?

    6. How did the War Powers Act of 1973 limit presidential authority?

    When the last U.S. soldier left Vietnam there were still two Vietnams, Communist ruled North and non-communist ruled South. However, the South Vietnamese could not defend themselves without U.S. help. Within 2 years Communist forces overran South Vietnam. Today, there is one Vietnam, Communist ruled.

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  • May 8--U.S. History--19.4--The War Ends

    TGIF!! Short assignment today.

    Terms and People--1. Henry Kissinger--What was his role in the Vietnam War?  2. Vietnamization  3. silent majority  4. My Lai Massacre 

    5. Pentagon Papers  6. George McGovern  7. 26th Amendment  8. Khmer Rouge  9. War Powers Act

    1. While talking about bringing the war to an end President Nixon expanded it by dropping bombs on Vietnam's neighborss, Laos and Cambodia. Why did he authorize this?

    2. How and why did protests against the war increase?

    3. What happened at Kent State University on May 4, 1970?

    Turn this in anytime before Monday at 10:00.

    Enjoy your weekend








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  • May 8--World History

    TGIF!!! On to 18.3--China and India-Two Giants of Asia

    TPP--1. Tiananmen Square   2. one-child policy  3. Kolkata  4. Mumbai  5. Mother Teresa  6. dalits

    *** China and India are home to 40% of the world's population!!! These two giants have greatly improved their economies and their economic strength around the world over the last 35 years.

    *** China moved away from a strict command economy, what every Communist country has used, to a market economy. Their workers are paid very little and so China can sell what they produce for far less than anybody else in the world. The freedoms of the people, however, are very limited. China is a strict Communist dictatorship.

    *** Deng Xiaoping, the leader in China after the death of Mao, moved China from a command economy to a market economy. HIs goal was to improve China's economy. It worked.

    1. How did China's economy change after Deng's reforms?

    2. What happened at Tiananmen Square?

    3. How did economic reforms lead to the tragedy at Tiananmen Square?

    4. How does the Chinese government respond to political criticism?

    Have a great weekend!! Turn this assignment in anytime before Monday at 10:00 AM

    Stay well


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  • May 7--World History--18.2--Africa Seeks A Better Future

    Welcome back!

    African nations have faced huge challenges in their efforts to develop their economes.

    TPP--1. socialism  2. desertification  3. urbanization  4. endangered species  5. Wangari Maathai  6. sustainable development

    1. Why did many governments in Africa promote the growth of cash crops?

    2. List three obstacles that kept African nations from developing strong economies.

    3. Why have African nations had trouble feeding their people?

    4. New African nations that tried to develop command economies were not successful in meeting the needs of their people. T-F

    Due Thursday 11:30 AM

    Stay well.

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  • May 7, U.S. History

    Welcome back!!

    19.3--1968--A Turning Point

    Terms and People--1. Tet Offensive  2. Robert S. McNamara  3. Eugene McCarthy  4. Hubert Humphrey  5. George Wallace  6. Robert F. Kennedy

    1. What took place at Khe Sanh in 1968?

    2. What was the purpose of the attack on Khe Sanh?

    3. What were three effects of the Tet Offensive?

    4. What alterations to President Johnson's policies in Vietnam did Robert McNamara suggest?

    5. Why did protesters gather outside the Democratic Convention in 1968?

    6. Why did President Johnson decide not to run for re-election in 1968?

    7. What were the results of the 1968 Presidential election?

    Due tomorrow at 11:30.

    Stay well.



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  • May 6th. World History--No new assignments today, we will get back at it tomorrow.

    Happy Birthday Willie Mays!!!

    Stay well

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  • May 6--U.S. History

    No new assignments today, we will get back at it tomorrow.

    I was cleaning out our home away from home today, Room 13.

    Your book is still in the room, safe and lonely.

    Wore my mask. Here's a hint: Do not sneeze with your mask on.

    Stay well.





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  • May 5--World History

    Happy Tuesday to You!!

    Today's assignment will not be due until Thursday. I will not post a new assignment tomorrow so ou have a couple of days to finish this.

    We are starting a new chapter today--Chapter 18--The Developing World--1945-Present

    1. Which of the following statements do you agree with? (This is your opinion. Do not look it up. Just write the letter)

    A. Poor, or developing countries should avoid any change in their environment in their effort to improve living standards.

    B. Poor countires should limit the damage to the environment as they raise living standards.

    C. Raising living standards is more important than protecting the environment for poor countries.

    D. Poor countries have to expect environmental damage if they want to raise living standards.

    TPP-1. developing world  2. literacy  3. traditional economies  4. Green Revolution  5. fundamentalists  6. shantytowns

    1. What are the main features of a traditional economy?

    2. How did foreign lenders push developing nations to market economies?

    3. What factors trap people in the developing world in a cycle of poverty?

    4. Why have people moving to cities had to settle in shantytowns?

    Stay well.

    Next new assignment will be posted Thursday.



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  • May 5--U.S. History

    Welcome back!! On to 19.2

    19.2--U.S. Support of the War at Home and Abroad

    As the U.S. sent increasing numbers of troops to defend South Vietnam, some Americans began to question the war.

    Terms--1. Operation Rolling Thunder  2. Ho Chi Minh Trail  3. William Westmoreland  4. pacification  5. hawks and doves (regarding the Vietnam War)

    6. J. William Fulbright

    1. Why did U.S. superiority in the air war fail to win a quick victory in Vietnam?

    2. What made the ground war in Vietnam so difficult to fight?

    3. List three facts regarding the military draft during the Vietnam War.

    4. How and why did public opinion about the war begin to change?

    Due Wednesday by 11:30

    Stay well!!

    Miss seeing you.



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  • World History--May 4--

    17.3--Conflicts In The Middle East

    TPP--1. Occupied Territories  2. Yasir Arafat  3. militia  4. intifada  5. Yitzhak Rabin  6. Jerusalem  7. Saddam Hussein  8. no-fly zone 

    9. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs)  10. insurgent

    ***For decades the Middle East has been the focus of conflicts that have had a global impact. The Middle East commands vast oil resources and key waterways, such as the Persian Gulf. Theres has been persistent disputes between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs in the region.

    1. What obstacles have prevented peace between Israel and Palestinians?

    2. Why has conflict persisted in Iraq since the defeat of Saddam Hussein?

    3. What were the causes of Lebanon's civil war?

    Due Tuesday 11:30 AM

    Have a good, no we can do better, have a GREAT day!!!

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  • U.S. History

    Nothing new for Monday May 4.

    New work will be posted by Tuesday morning.

    Enjoy your day.



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  • May 3, U.S. History.  It is May already!!

    Hope you had a great weekend. Let's get back to work.

    Beginning Chapter 19--The Vietnam War

    Key Terms and People: 1. Ho Chi Minh  2. Vietminh  3. domino theory  4. Geneva Accords  5. Ngo Dinh Diem  6. Vietcong  7. Gulf of Tonkin Incident

    *** Concerned about the spread of communism, the U.S. became increasingly involved in Vietnam. By the middle 1950s Vietnam was fighting a civil war. The U.S. supported non-communist South Vietnam led by the corrupt and incompetent Ngo Dinh Diem. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson gradually increased U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

    1. Why did Ho Chi Minh expect the U.S. to support Vietnam's bid for independence following World War II?

    2. After World War II France went back to Vietnam, claiming it was their colony. The Vietnamese fought against French occupation. What happened at Dien Bien Phu?

    3. The U.S. did not support the Geneva Accords after France was defeated. How come?

    4. Why did Buddhist monks begin to kill themselves publicly in South Vietnam?

    5. What happened to Ngo Dinh Diem?

    6. How did the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution affect the power of the presidency?

    This is your assignment through Monday, May 4th.

    Your next new assignment will be posted Tuesday, May 5th.

    Stay well!!


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  • World History--17.2--Struggles in Africa

    Welcome Back! Hope You Had A Great Weekend. It is May already!!!

    TPP--1. apartheid  2. African National Congress  3. Sharpeville (what happened there)  4. Nelson Mandela  5. Desmond Tutu  6. F.W. de Klerk

    7. Darfur

    1. What factors finally brought an end to apartheid in South Africa?

    2. What caused the conflict in Darufur?

    3. From the 1960s through the early 2000s, what factors contributed to deadly conflicts across the continent of Africa? (this does not require a long answer, a list of three factors would be enough.)

    That is all for now. Take care of yourself.

    Due Monday by 11:30 AM

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  • World History May 1st

    It is May already!!!

    There is not a new assignment today. Stay well. Enjoy your weekend.

    This would be a good time to get caught up if you are behind.

    Next new assignment will be posted Sunday May 3


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  • U.S. History May 1st

    It is May already!!!

    There is not a new assignment today. Use the next couple of days to get caught up if you are behind.

    Enjoy your weekend!!

    Next new assignment will be posted Sunday May 3



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  • U.S. History--Civil Rights Timeline (continued)

    Welcome Back!! Thursday already!! The week is flyin' by!!

    1963--(4 events)

    1964--(4 events)





    Remember, you are looking for events related to the Civil Rights Movement

    Due by 11:30 AM Friday.

    Stay well.




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  • World History--April 30

    17.1( continued)--Yugoslavia Breaks Apart

    The fall of Communism across Eastern Europe and the USSR led to nationalist unrest in Yugoslavia. Before 1991, there were many nationalities and many languages and many religions in Yugoslavia. There were six republics across Yugoslavia, similar to states in the United States. There were Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia for short), Montenegro, and Macedonia. Each republic had a dominant ethnic group but minority groups were important too. Serbians were the dominant group in Yugoslavia.

    Here is a timeline. Fill it in with events that took place as Yugoslavia was being ripped apart by ethnic conflict.




    Mid 1990s--


    1999 (2 events)--


    Stay Well!!




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  • Good morning!! Wednesday, April 29, World History

    World History has finished Chapter 16 and are moving on to Chapter 17.

    17.1--Conflicts Divide Nations

    In this section the topic will be about how ethnic and religious conflicts have divided nations.

    TPP--1. Irish Republican Army (IRA)  2. Good Friday Agreement  3. Northern Ireland  4. Chechnya  5. multiethnic  6. ethnic cleansing

    7. Kosovo  8. Slobodan Milosevic

    1. Why did conflict break out in Northern Ireland in the 1960s?

    2. In the 1990s, what caused fighting in Chechnya?

    Short Assignment today. Due Thursday by 10:00 AM. Stay well.

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  • U.S. History--Wednesday-HumpDay!!, April 29

    Today and tomorrow you will be completing a Civil Rights Timeline. Make sure that what you include in your timeline is a civil rights event.

    1954 (2 events)

    1955 (2)

    1957 (2)

    1960 (2)

    1961 (4)

    The heading will be Civil Rights Timeline

    Due by 10:00 A.M Thursday

    You have been doing a great job. Stay well.

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  • U.S. History--18.5--The Movement Continues

    Key Terms And People

    1. Poor People's Campaign  2. J. Edgar Hoover  3. Ralph Abernathy  4. Civil Rights Act of 1968  5. affirmative action  6. John Lewis

    7. Andrew Young  8. Jesse Jackson

    1. By 1969, how did the SCLC's (King's organization) goals change and were they successful?

    2. The Poor People's Campaign was a disaster. How come?

    3. For what reasons did the Black Power movement decline?

    4. What were some civil rights changes that were taking place in the 1970s?

    Due Wednesday by 11:30. Stay well.

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  • World History--Chapter 16 Wrap Up

    1. In which country did a revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini replace a secular government with an Islamic government?

    2. Why are Islamists opposed to secular government in Islamic countries?

    3. What is the most valuable resource found in the Middle East?

    4--Chapter 16 Timeline: Be careful, you will be looking for one event from each year. Use only events that apply to this chapter, New Nations Emerge in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South Asia











    Due Wednesday by 11:30. Heading is Ch 16 Wrap Up. Stay Well

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  • Happy Monday to you!! Hope you had a great weekend.

    On we go to 18.4--Changes And Challenges

    18.4--The civil rights movement was in decline by the 1970s but its accomplishments continue to benefit American society.

    Key Terms and People--1. du jure segregation  2. de facto segregation  3. Kerner Commission  4. Stokely Carmichael  5. Malcolm X

    1. In our history, why has it been more difficult to end de facto segregation than de jure segregation?

    2. Why did the Civil Rights movement expand from the south to the north?

    3. What was the Black Panther Party?

    4. What was the purpose of Martin Luther King taking the civli rights movement to Memphis, Tennessee?

    5. In Memphis, what happened to MLK? Who was responsible for this?

    6. Why would MLK have been upset at the public reaction to his death?

    Be sure to include the heading at the top of your paper. Be sure to write the questions. You have been doing an excellent job.



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  • World History 16.4

    Hope your weekend was great. Time for another week of Distance Learning.

    I send every assignment back to you after I read it. All have comments. Be careful with your work, do not get sloppy. Assignment 16.3 had more "No Credit's" than any assignment so far. Answer the questions, do not just write slop and think that you are done.

    16.4 "The Modern Middle East"

    T, P, P--1. Secular  2. Suez Canal  3. Gamal Abdel Nasser  4. Anwar Sadat  5. theocracy  6. Mohammad Mosaddeq  7. Ruhollah Khomeini

    1. Where is the Middle East?

    2. The only countries in today's Middle East with stable democracies are

         A. Israel and Iran  B. Egypt and Israel  C. Turkey and Israel  D. Syria and Turkey

    3. What was the result of OPEC's oil embargo in 1973?

    4. Which statement best describes Arab nations' attitudes toward Islam?

         A. Most Muslims have abandoned their beliefs to adopt Western values

         B. Women are repressed in all countires

         C. Some Middle Eastern countries have adopted western culture and ideas, while others believe there must be a return to Islamic laws.

    5. Which Middle Eastern country is Islam's Holy Land and the world's largest oil producer?

         A. Egypt  B. Saudi Arabia   C. Iran   D. Kuwait

    Be sure to write the heading. Write the questions. Stay Well.

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  • U.S. History--This will be the last assignment for the week. Due by Monday 10:00 AM

    U.S. History--18.3--"Voting Rights"--In the 1960s, African Americans gained voting rights and political power in the South, but only after a bitter and hard fought struggle.

    Key Terms-- 1. Voter Education Project  2. 24th Amendment  3. Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP)  4. Voting Rights Act of 1965

    1. What methods did civil rights workers use to gain voting rights for African Americans in the South?

    2. What was Freedom Summer?

    3. List three steps taken during the civil rights era to help African Americans register to vote.

    4. Who was Fannie Lou Hamer? What was her goal?

    5. What was the Selma Campaign?

    6. How did the media help the cause of the marchers in Selma?

    Remember the heading. Remember to write the questions. Type your work.

    Stay well!!



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  • World History--Thursday April 23

    Welcome Back!! Hope all is well. This will be the last assignment for the week. Turn it in by Monday 10:00 AM

    16.3--"African Nations Gain Independence."  New African nations faced many challenges when they gained independence after World War II

    T,P,P--1. Savannas  2. coup d'etat  3. Islamist

    1. After WWII some African nations won independence peacefully and others violently. How come?

    2. Which former British colony won their independence peacefully? A) Kenya  B. Nigeria  C) Algeria  D) Congo

    3. At one time more than half of all African nations suffered A) famine  B) attacks from locusts  C) military coups  D) lack of resources

    4. Why have African nations moved toward democracy in recent years?

    5. During the 1970s the US had an alliance with Somalia at the same time the USSR had an alliance with neighboring ____________. These nations attracted superpower interest because _________________________________________________.

    Remember the heading. Remember to write the questions, no credit if you do not write the questions. Type your work.

    Stay well!!


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  • World History--Wednesday, April 22

    HumpDay!!!! The week is flying by!!!

    World History 16.2 New Nations of Southeast Asia--Southeast Asian nations won their independence and then faced major challenges

    T,P,P--1. autocratic  2. Aung San Suu Kyi  3. Sukarno  4. Suharto  5. East Timor  6. Ferdinand Marcos  7. Benigno Aquino  8. Corazon Aquino

    1. Why did the U.S. aid the Filipino government in its fight against Muslim rebels?

    2. In Southeast Asia, _______________ and __________________ have prospered as market economies.

    3. What have been two major challenges facing Indonesia?

    4. What is one reason for the religious diversity in Southeast Asia?

    5. After the Philippines gained independence from the U.S. in 1946...

    A. the Filipino Constitution set up a Communist government

    B. A wealthy elite controlled politcs and the economy 

    C. It developed a prosperous economy with little poverty

    Due Thursday 10:00 AM

    Stay well

    Be sure to write the heading at the top of your assignment and write the questions.

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  • U.S. History--17.2--"Freedom Now!"

    Good morning U.S. History People!! Hope all is well. Today we continue to study the Civil Rights Movement

    Key Terms--1. James Farmer  2. SNCC (be sure to tell what their focus was)  3. Freedom Riders  4. Medgar Evers  5. James Meredith

    6. Civil Rights Act of 1964

    1. What were sit-ins?   What were the Freedom Rides?   Why were they important?

    2. How was integration of higher education achieved in the South?

    3. What role did the city of Birmingham, Alabama play in the history of civil rights?

    4. What was the goal of the March on Washington?

    5. What were three reforms accomplished by the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

    Let's have this assignment turned in by Thursday, 10:00 AM

    Stay Well--I think there is light at the end of the tunnel (and it is NOT an oncoming train!!).

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  • U.S. History April 21

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We are starting a new chapter today, "The Civil Rights Movement."

    18.1--Fighting Segregation

    Be sure to write the heading at the top of your work. Write the questions or I will not read your work. Work should be typed.

    Be sure to address the question in your answer. For example, a question about the Cold War should not have an answer about the American Revolution.

    Key Terms and People--1. CORE (be sure to list what their focus was) 2. Jackie Robinson  3. Thurgood Marshall  4. Little Rock Nine  5. Rosa Parks

    6. Montgomery bus boycott  7. Martin Luther King Jr  8. SCLC

    1. BEFORE 1954, what was the status of the civli rights movement?

    2. Why did the NAACP focus on attacking racism through the court system?

    3. What were the key issues in the Supreme Court ruling in the Brown case?

    4. What was the impact of the Brown case?

    5. How did events in Montgomery, Alabama, help launch the modern civil rights movement?

    Due Wednesday 10:00 AM

    Stay well!!!

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  • World History--April 21

    16.1--Independent Nations of South Asia

    Good morning ladies and gentelmen. Moving into a new chapter today, "New Nations Emerge." These "new nations" had been colonies of imperialist powers.

    Be sure to put the heading at the top of your paper. Write the questions or I won't read your work. Work should be typed.

    Be sure to address the question in your answer. A question covering the Cold War, for example, should not have an answer referring to  the American Revolution.

    T, P, P--1. partition  2. Sikhs  3. Kashmir  4. Jawaharal Nehru  5. dalits  6. Indira Gandhi  7. Punjab  8. Golden Temple  9. Bangladesh 

    10. nonalignment  11) Muhammad Ali Jinnah


    1. Why have India and Pakistan fought several wars over Kashmir?

    2. Why did India become two countries after independence in 1947?

    3. Nehru became the first Prime Minister of an independent India. What was one of his most important tasks?

    4. Bangladesh is A) home to thousands of Muslim refugees from Afghanistan  B) the site of a long conflict between the USSR and mujahedin rebels 

    C) a former part of Pakistan and one of the world's poorest countries

    5. Countries of the Nonaligned Movement allied themselves with A) the U.S.  B) the USSR  C) All African nations  D) No particular bloc of nations

    Due Wednesday by 10:00 Am

    Stay Well!


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  • U.S. History--Monday, April 20th.

    Wellcome back!!! Hope all are well. Let's have a great week!!

    17.3 Continued

    1. What foreign policy issues were important to the presidency of Lyndon Johnson?

    2. What was the final determination by the Warren Commission in regards to the assassination of President Kennedy?

    3. What played a key role in the decline of the Great Society?

    4. When police "read a suspect their rights", what Supreme Court case made this a requirement?

    Due Tuesday by 10:00 AM.

    Remember the heading at the top of your paper. Be sure to write the questions.

    Stay well.




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  • World History--April 20

    Good morning!! Welcome Back!! Be sure to write the questions and number the terms. Type the assignment

    15.5--T, P, P--1. mujahedin  2. Mikhail Gorbachev  3. glasnost  4. perestroika  5. Lech Walesa  6. Solidarity  7. Vaclav Havel  8.  Nicolae Ceausescu

    1. It is said that the USSR had their own Vietnam while fighting in Afghanistan. Why did the U.S. help the mujahedin in Afghanistan?

    2. Why was new Soviet leader Milhail Gorbachev eager to bring about reforms?

    3. Would you say that Gorbachev's policies of glasnost and perestroika produced a far different reaction than what he expected? Give one reason for your response.

    4. Poland led the way in the new surge of resistance against Soviet domination. Who was the leader of this surge?

    5. As Soviet control across Eastern Europe was crumbling most change came peacefully. In 2-3 sentences, describe what happened in Romania.

    Due Tuesday by 10:00 AM. Stay Well

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  • Friday!! Good morning!!

    FOR WORLD HISTORY: No new assignment today. The next assignment will be posted Sunday.

    Today would be a good day to work on anything that you have not turned in.

    Stay Well!!!



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  • Friday!! Good Morning!!!

    U.S. History-- Friday--No new assignments today, the next new assignment will be posted Sunday.

    Today would be a good day to do any work that you have not done.

    Stay Well!!!

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  • Welcome Back!! Hope You Are Well. Be sure to put heading at the top of your paper. Please Type!!!

    World History 15.5--The Cold War Ends

    1. Western Europe and the U.S. experienced strong economies during the Cold War. What was happening with the economies of Eastern Europe and the USSR?

    2. How did the arms race play a role in the downfall of the Soviet Union?

    3. Why was Afghanistan known as, "the Soviet Union's Vietnam?"

    4. As the Soviet Union was weakening due to their reforms, Eastern Europeans:

       A. continued to support Communist rule  B. demanded freedom from the USSR  C. forced Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to step down

    5. How did the fall of the USSR affect other Communist countries?

       A. Many sent aid to the USSR  B. All remained Communist dictatorships  C. Some adopted Democracy  D. Some adopted free-market reforms but few adopted Democracy

    6. At the end of the Cold War

       A. The power of the U.S. caused mixed world reaction  B. The U.S. and Japan were the world's superpowers

       C. The U.S. isolated itself  D. Cuba was the world's remaining Communist nation

    Short Assignment Today. Stay Well!!

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  • Good morning ladies and gentlemen!! Here we are once again as Distance Learning Rolls On!!

    Hoping that all is well. Make sure you write the question and write the heading at the top of your paper.

    U.S. History--17.3--"The Great Society"

    Key Terms and People--1. War On Poverty  2. Job Corps  3. VISTA  4. Great Society  5. Bqrry Goldwater  6. Medicare  7. Medicaid 

    8. Johnson Doctrine  9. Pueblo Incident

    1. Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) became President after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Why was his background good preparation for becoming President?

    2. Why was LBJ more successful than Kennedy in getting Congress to enact Kennedy's agenda?

    3. In what ways--list 3--did Johnson's Great Society change the nation?

    Short Assignment Today. Due @ 10:00 AM Friday. Stay Well



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  • Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!! Today we will conclude our look into the Vietnam War

    Be sure to write the questions and put the heading at the top of your work.

    Vietnam War Wrapup

    1. 1n 1973 the U.S. withdrew it troops from Vietnam. How come?

    2. How did Communist Vietnam dominate parts of S.E. Asia after the Vietnam War?

    3. Who were the Khmer Rouge?

    4. Who was Pol Pot?

    5. How does Pol Pot compare with Hitler and Stalin?

    6. Who were the "boat people"?

    7. After WW I and after WW II the U.S. helped defeated nations to rebuild. Did the U.S. help Vietnam to rebuild?

    Stay well. Most of you have been doing an excellent job with these assignments. If I mention that questions were missed then you should look them up and find the correct answers. Sometimes, not always, I will ask you to send me the correct answers to receive full credit. The above assignment is due April 16 by 10:00.

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  • Good morning!!! Time for 17.2. Be sure to put the heading at the top of the assignment and write the questions

    Kennedy's Thousand Days

    Key terms--1. mandate  2. Earl Warren  3. Lee Harvey Oswald  4. Warren Commission

    1. What was JFK's "New Frontier"?

    2. In what ways did the Warren Court change society in the 1960s?

    3. What impact did Kennedy's assassination have on the nation and the rest of the world?

    4. Why did JFK's domestic plans lack congressional support?

    5. In the Supreme Court case of Escobedo v. Illinois, what legal right was granted to individuals?

    6. Why was the Supreme Court case of Gideon v. Wainwright a landmark case?

    Due Thursday April 16 by 10:00 AM

    Stay Well!!


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  • World History 15.4--This is a continuation of yesterday's work, War In Southeast Asia. This is assignment #10

    1. The President Johnson Administrstion told the american people that the war was going well. What story did the media tell about the war?

    2. What was a legal way to avoid the military draft?

    3. During the Vietnam War there were people described as "Hawks" and others described as "Doves." What was meant by these terms?

    4. What was the Tet Offensive?

    5. Why did Tet shake America's belief that it could win the war?

    6. By 1968, what were some poll numbers that were damaging to President Johnson?

    7. Who won the 1968 Presidential election? What was his political party?

    8. What was Vietnamization?

    9. Why did President Nixon order that bombs be dropped on Laos and Cambodia?

    10. Explain, in a paragraph, what happened at My Lai and Kent State University?

    11. In March, 1973, what was the major event in the Vietnam War?

    12. By 1975, Communists controlled all of ______________.

    13. Three consequences of the Vietnam War were__________________________________.

    Due Wednesday April 15 by 10:00 AM

    Hoping All Is Well. You have been doing an excellent job on these assignments

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  • April 14--U.S. History--Beginning Ch. 17--Assignment #10

    17.1--The New Frontier and the Great Society

    Key Terms and People

    1. John F. Kennedy (JFK)  2. Robert F. Kennedy  3. Fidel Castro  4. Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ)  5. Alliance For Progress  6. flexible response

    1. In what ways did the election of JFK suggest America was changing?

    2. Why did the Bay of Pigs invasion take place and with what results?

    3. Why did the Berlin Crisis take place and what was its outcome?

    4. What caused the Cuban Missile Crisis and how was war avoided?

    5. What was the purpose of the Peace Corps?

    6. Why wasn't the Alliance for Progress as successful as the Peace Corps?

    Due Wednesday, April 15, 10:00 AM

    Hoping all is well. You are doing a great job with these assignments

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  • U.S. History--Ch 16 Wrap Up

    1. The concept of massive retaliation was __________________________.

    2. The Beat Generation rebelled by _______________________.

    3. Computers were not marketed to homes in the 1950s because __________________.

    4. Why did Dwight D. Eisenhower criticize the Democrats for their handling of the Korean War?

    5. Why did Sputnik concern Americans?

    6. In the Eisenhower Doctrine, the president declared he would help countries in what part of the world resist armed Communist aggression?

    7.The CIA was formed in 1947 to __________________

    8. The polio vaccine was developed by _____________

    9. Why was NASA formed?

    10. Who became the leader of the USSR after the death of Joseph Stalin?

    11. Why did the size of the U.S. Air Force grow in the 1950s while other branches of the military were shrinking?

    12. What led to the establishment of SEATO?

    13. Why were President Eisenhower and John Foster Dulles unwilling to allow an election to reunify  Vietnam?

    This assignment will be due Tuesday @ 10:00 AM.


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  • World History Assignment 15.4--War In Southeast Asia

    1. Vietnam is a peninsula located in _______________

    2. The Vietnamese Communist Party was led by __________________

    3. From the late 1800s until 1954 the Vietnamese had to fight both the _______ and ______ for their freedom.

    4. How come the U.S. supported France in their war with the Vietnamese?

    5. What is the Domino Theory?

    6. What were the Geneva Accords?

    7. The U.S. supported _______, the leader of South Vietnam at the start of the Vietnam War. What were some problems with his rule?

    8. What was the Ho Chi Minh Trail?

    9. The U.S. began bombing North Vietnamese cities in what year?

    10. Who were the Vietcong?

    11. Why did President Johnson and his advisors believe the Communists had to be stopped before they could take over South Vietnam?

    12. What were2-3 tactics of the Vietcong that frustrated the U.S. military?

    13. What were two other factors that prevented the Americans from winning the quick victory that they expected?

    Have this assignment done by Tuesday 10:00 AM.

    Hope you had a good weekend


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  • April 9--World History--This is the last assignment for the week. Hoping you are well.

    Be sure to write the questions. A typed assignment is much preferred......

    15.3--Communism Spreads In East Asia

    T,P,P--1. collectivization  2. Great Leap Forward  3. Cultural Revolution  4. 38th Parallel  5. Kim Il Sung  6. Syngman Rhee

    1. China's communists finally won the long civil war under the leadership of _________________.

    2. What is meant by "the U.S. played the China card"?

    3. How did the Korean War start?

    4. Which statement describes North and South Korea today: A. North Korea is an industrial democracy, South Korea is a communist dictatorship.

    B. South Korea has made a successful transition to democracy, North Korea remains a Communist dictatorship. C. The two Koreas are nearing reunification.

    Due anytime before Monday April 13th.

    Miss you guys. Stay well

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  • U.S. History. 16.3. The Television Age. This is the last assignment for the week. Hope you are doing well.

    Be sure to write the questions

    Key Terms and People--1. Lucille Ball  2. transistor  3. integrated circuit  4. Jonas Salk  5. vaccine  6. Levittown  7. sunbelt 

    8. Interstate Highway System 

    1. By 1959, 40 million American homes had at least one  A. Cat  B. TV  C. dog  D. Housekeeper

    2. UNIVAC was the first _______ available for commercial use.

    3. How did TV change American life in the 1950s?

    4. How was American culture changing during the 1950s? (list three ways)

    5. How did TV change American politics?

    6. Why was the development of a vaccine against polio so important?

    7. How did the auto industry change in the 1950s?

    8. What population trend began in the 1950s?

    Due anytime before Monday April 13

    Miss you guys. Stay well.



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  • Welcome back!! The response to Distance Learning in this class has been very good and the work has been excellent. Let's continue.

    We are covering 16.2, "Atomic Anxiety." This is our 7th DL assignment.

    1. What was the hydrogen bomb? When was it developed? Wyh was it impractical? Did the Soviets develop one?

    2. What was the "arms race" and what were its effects in the U.S.?

    3. How did Americans react to the growing threat of nuclear war?

    4. How did U.S. military strategy change during the Eisenhower administration?

    5. In the 1950's, why did the U.S. keep B-52 bombers in the air at all times?

    Terms and People

    1. ICBM (tell the purpose)  2. Sputnik  3. satellite  4. NASA (purpose)  5. nuclear fallout

    Due Thursday April 9 by 2 pm.

    Stay Well





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  • Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Hope all is well. The response to these assignments and the quality of work has been excellent. Let's continue.

    World History 15.2--The Industrialized Democracies

    1. What caused the US recession in 1974?

    2. Explain how Germany rebuilt their economy after World War II (list 3-4 things they did)

    3. In what ways were American minorities denied equality and opportunities during the 1950s and 1960s?

    4. Which nation was divided after WWII but later reunited? Choices--France  Korea  Germany  Canada

    5. What was the intention of the Marshall Plan?

    6. Japan's economy grew tremendously between 1950-1970. Give 2 important reasons.

    7. What caused America's economy to thrive in the years after WWII?

    8. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, and Caesar Chavez all successfully fought for civil rights. What were some things they had in common?


    1. recession  2. suburbanization  3. segregation  4. discrimination  5. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  6. Konrad Adenauer  7. welfare state 

    8. European Community  9. Gross Domestic Product

    Due Thursday April 9 at 2 pm


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  • Good morning ladies and gentleman!! Hope you are well.

    We are now beginning a new Chapter. We are on Ch 16. Be careful that you do not do the World History assignments, that has happened a couple of times.

    Chapter 16 covers Postwar America. This is our 6th Distance Learning Assignment.

    Please write the questions, makes it so much easier for me to correct your work. I won't look at your work in the future w/o the written questions. Please TYPE your answers, makes it so much easier to read. Okay, here we go with Ch 16.

    1. Why did President Truman decide not to seek reelection in 1952? Who won the 1952 Presidential election and to what political party did he belong?

    2. What were the strengths and weaknesses of John Foster Dulles' policy of brinksmanship and massive retaliation?

    3. List three events that represent the continuation of the Cold War in the 1950's.

    4. What were the Cold War "hot spots" in the 1950's?

    5. What is the "domino theory"?

    Terms and People

    1. Richard M. Nixon  2. John Foster Dulles  3. brinksmanship  4. massive retaliation  5. CIA (do not just write, "Central Intelligence Agency) 6. Nikita Khrushchev  7. Warsaw Pact  8. summit  9. SEATO  10. Eisenhower Doctrine

    This assignment is due Wednesday morning at 11:30.

    Stay well!!!!!!!!!



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  • Starting a new Chapter for World History. This assignment will cover 15.1

    Remember to write the questions, it makes it SO much easier for me to scan your work and correct it. I won't read it w/o the questions.

    Also, please type your work. This is our 6th Assignment for Distance Learning.

    T, P, P--1. Super Powers  2. anti-ballistic missiles  3. Ronald Reagan  4. detente  5. Fidel Castro  6. John F. Kennedy  7. ideology 

    8. Nikita Khrushchev  9. Leonid Brezhnev  10. containment

    1. What was the Cold War?

    2. After World War II, how was Europe divided?

    3. What factors discouraged the use of nuclear weapons during the Cold War?

    4. How did the U.S. and U.S.S.R. confront each other around the world during the Cold War?

    5. List four facts about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Make sure one of them is how it ended.

    6. How did the USSR handle critics of its policies?

    7. How did America respond to the threat of Communism at home during the Cold War?

    This assignment is due Wednesday by 11:30.

    Stay Well!!





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  • Good morning ladies and gentleman. I hope you had a good weekend and am hoping you are well.

    14.5. Write the questions and write the answers.

    1. World War II was "total war." What had "total war" done to Europe?

    2. What important principle did the Nuremberg Trials demonstrate?

    3. The United Nations was established in 1945. Its headquarters is located in New York City. The permanent members are_____________. List four duties of the United Nations.

    4. After the war, the two powers in the world were _______________.

    5. What were two issues that caused divisions between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.?

    6. What was the Cold War and why was it called the "Cold War"?

    7. What were Stalin's goals in Eastern Europe?

    8. What was the Truman Doctrine? When did the U.S. put it into practice?

    9. What was the Marshall Plan?

    10. What was the purpose of NATO? What was the purpose of the Warsaw Pact?

    Due Tuesday April 7th, 8:00 AM





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  • Monday, April 6th. United States History Assignment

    Wrap Up To Chapter 15--Write the questions and the answers

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I hope you had a good weekend and hope you are well.

    1. Explain the Smith Act and the Rosenburg case.

    2. What were three ways Stalin achieved his goal of taking over Eastern Europe?

    3. Briefly explain: Was the policy of containment a success or failure in Korea?

    4. What motivated McCarthyism? Why did it succeed at first? Why did it fall out of favor?

    5. U.S. actions in China demonstrated that the U.S. was willing to support a corrupt government to stop the spread of Communism. Is this a true or false statement? Briefly explain.

    6. Many Americans were disappointed in the result of the Korean War and that China had fallen to the Communists. Who did Americans blame for these results?

    7. Give one example of how the Taft-Hartley Act weakened labor unions.

    Due Tuesday April 7, 8:00 AM

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  • Period One--U.S. History--15.4--The Korean War--Write the questions and answers

    1. What was the situation in Korea before the war began in 1950?

    2. What were the circumstances that led to the start of the Korean War?

    3. How did the fighting in the Korean War end?

    4. Why did President Truman believe it was important to defend a small nation like South Korea?

    5. When the Korean War was over the borders were exactly where they had been when the war started so what did the war accomplish?

    6. General Douglas MacArthur, a World War II hero, wanted to use nuclear weapons against China because they were helping Communist North Korea in the Korean War. President Truman strongly disagreed. What would be the result of their disagreement?

    Terms and People

    1. 38th Parallel  2. Kim Il Sung  3. Syngman Rhee  4. police action  5. Inchon

    Due Monday, April 6th, by 10:00 AM.

    Thank you and stay well.

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  • Friday April 3rd. World History

    We have reached the end of the first week of Distance Learning. Hope you are all doing well. We'll get through this and be stronger for it!!!

    14.4--Victory in Europe and the Pacific--Write the questions and the answers

    1. What was the Island-Hopping campaign?

    2. What behavior did Japanese fighters show on the islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa?

    3. Why did President Truman decide to drop an atomic bomb on Japan? Why did he decide to drop a second atomic bomb on Japan?

    4. List 3 reasons for Germany's defeat.


    1. V-E Day  2. Bataan Death March  3. Douglas MacArthur  4. Kamikaze  5. Manhattan Project  6. Hiroshima  7. Nagasaki

    Email to me by Monday, April 6th, 10:00 AM. I prefer typed work but if handwriting PLEASE write as neatly as possible.

    Stay well!!!

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  • Good morning ladies and gentleman.

    This is the 3rd assignment for U.S. History, Period One.

    You have been doing a good job. Always write the questions. Always include a heading. Name, date, period.

    I prefer typed to handwritten because it allows me to go over the work faster BUT if you cannot type that is fine.

    15.3--The Second Red Scare, Late 1940s-Early 1950s

    1. Why was the fear of communism growing in the 1940s?

    2. What methods and actions did the government use to fight the spread of communism at home?

    3. Who was Senator Joseph McCarthy AND what was his role in the Second Red Scare?

    4. What event caused President Truman to decide to strengthen the nation's military?

    5. How did Mao's communists end up taking control of China?

    6. What was the original purpose of the House Un-American Activities Committee?

    7. What evidence did McCarthy produce to support his claims? Why did Americans believe McCarthy's charges?

    Key Terms and People

    1. Chiang Kai-shek  2. Mao Zedong  3. Hollywood Ten--What were they accused of? How were they affected by the charges?  4. Alger Hiss

    5. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg  6. Klaus Fuchs

    Due Friday 10:00 AM. Email to me, gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us  STAY WELL!!




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  • World History--Assignment # 3--Chapter 14 Section 3, 14.3

    You have been doing a good job. Please put the heading at top of your work. Name, period, date. I prefer typed assignments to handwritten assignments but if you cannot type that is fine.

    14.3--The Allies Turn The Tide of the War--1942-1945

    1. List 3 ways in which the Allied governments mobilized all resources for the war effort.

    2. Who were the "Big Three"?

    3. How did the Allies push back the Axis Powers on 4 fronts?

    4. What aggreements did Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin come to at Yalta?

    5. How were aircraft carriers valuable to the U.S. during World War II?


    1. Rosie the Riveter  2. aircraft carrier  3. Dwight Eisenhower  4. Stalingrad  5. D-Day  6. Yalta Conference

    This assignment is due Friday at 10:00 AM.


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  • The following assignment is for U.S. History, Period One.

    15.2. Wednesday April 1st (April Fool's Day)

    I realize you may not have your book. Use your devices and do the best you can. Send your work to me via Email.

    Write the questions and number the Terms and People

    1. Following World War II, how did the U.S. manage to avoid the severe economic problems that some people had predicted?

    2. The 1946 elections were a disaster for the Democrats. What happened?

    3. What was the result of the 1948 Presidential election?

    4. What were some ways the U.S. and other nations tried to build a better world after WWII?

    5. According to the United Nations Charter, when is the use of force pemissible?

    6. Harry S. Truman became President upon the death of FDR. Truman was very unprepared to become President. How come?

    Terms and People

    1. G.I. Bill   2. baby boom   3. Fair Deal   4. Universal Declaration of Human Rights   5. World Bank

    This assignment is due by 11:00 AM Thursday. Email to me: gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us

    Stay well.

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  • The following work is for World History Classes, Periods 2,3,5. I realize most of you do not have your book so use your devices to do the work.

    Wednesday April 1st (April Fool's Day)

    14.2--The Axis Advances. Write the questions and write the answers. Be sure to number the T,P,P

    1. Describe Germany's blitzkrieg tactics.

    2. How did the Axis powers achieve victories in 1939-1940? Which regions fell under Axis rule in 1939-1940?

    3. Referring to the Battle of Britain in 1940, Winston Churchill said, "Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few." What did he mean by this??

    4. What caused Hitler's invasion of the USSR to stall?

    5. Japan conquered much of Asia and the Pacific. How did they treat conquered people?

    6. By 1941, why did Japanese leaders view the U.S. as an enemy?


    1. blitzkrieg   2. Luftwaffe   3. Vichy   4. Holocaust   5. General Erwin Rommel   6. concentration camps   7. Lend-Lease Act

    This assignment is due Thursday by 11:00 AM. Email to me. gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us

    Stay well.


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  • Period 6--Athletic P.E.


    Good morning. My suggestion is that the baseball guys check this page every other day. I'll have some suggestions for you but I'm sure you are probably already doing most of what I will suggest. For the Water Polo class I will not have anything for you, please contact your coach.

    We are going to operate this way through at least May 1st. Our season has not been canceled.

    So, for today and tomorrow, Tuesday March 30th and Wednesday April 1st:

    Baseball guys: Get some exercise. Jog and sprint. Do all of the plyometrics that we have done. Play catch. Swing a bat. Do pushups and situps. Visualize having success on the field (****If you don't train your mind than everything else is pretty useless). Be careful about what you eat and limit your soda intake. Boredom can easily lead to overeating.

    Here is your homework:

    Email to me a "Thought For The Day." Due by Thursday. It can be one you make up or one you remember. I can be serious or funny, philosophical or silly. My email is gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us Please contact your teammates because I doubt that everybody will be looking on this page.

    If we never practice together again I want you to know that the 2020 Chino Cowboys will always be a fond memory for me.

    Take care of yourselves

    Coach Libby






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  • Good morning. Your assignments can be found here between now and May 1st. My email address is gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us  I will let you know, with each assignment, either "Email this assignment to me", or "Keep this assignment until we return."

    I realize most of you do not have your textbook. Use your devices to help you with the work.

    We will focus on People, Events, Terms, and Places

    The following is your assignment for Monday March 30th and Tuesday March 31st.

    Heading: 14.1 Standards Check Questions and T,P,P. Write the questions and number the T, P, P

    Chapter 14 Focus Question: How did aggressive world powers emerge, and what did it take to defeat them in World War II?

    1. Describe what Japan did in Manchuria and Eastern China in the 1930s

    2. Describe what Italy did in Ethiopia beginning in 1935.

    3. Describe what Hitler did in the Rhineland in 1936 and what was the result.

    4. List three reasons for the western policy of appeasement in the 1930s.

    5. How did the Spanish Civil War involve Germany, Italy, the USSR, and the U.S.?

    6. Why did Hitler feel it was right for Germany to take Austria and the Sudetenland?

    7. What convinced Britain and France to finally end their policy of appeasement?

    TPP--1. appeasement   2. pacifism   3. Axis Powers   4. Francisco Franco   5. Anschluss   6. Sudetenland   7. Nazi-Soviet Pact

    Email this assignment to me by noon Tuesday

    Thank you and Be Well



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  • We are beginning Chapter 15, The Cold War Begins.

    I realize most of you do not have your textbook. Use your devices to help you with the work.

    We will focus on People, Events, and Vocabulary

    I will post your assignments on this page at least thru May 1st. My email address is gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us With each assignment I will tell you either, "Email this assignment to me", or "Keep this assignment until we return." The following is your assignment for Monday the 30th and Tuesday the 31st.

    At the end of World War II, tensions between the USSR and the U.S. deepened, leading to an era known as the Cold War. This struggle between democracy and communism led to a long war of ideas and propaganda with occasional outbreaks of fighting, not between the two superpowers but between allies of the superpowers.

    Your Written Work: Heading--Chapter 15 Section One. Write the questions and the answers

    Answer the following:

    1. What were the roots of the Cold War?

    2. What was the Iron Curtain?

    3. How did the U.S. respond to actions of the USSR in Europe in the years after World War II?

    4. What was the crisis in Berlin in the 1940s and how was it resolved?


    1. Cold War     2. containment     3. George F. Kennan     4. Harry S. Truman     5. Truman Doctrine     6. Marshall Plan   7. Berlin Airlift  8. NATO

    Email this assignment to me by noon Tuesday. Thank you and take care of yourself

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  • Good morning,

    "Distance Education--March 30-TBD"

    Revised Syllabus--Term: Spring 2020

    Contact info: gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us

    Office Hours: M-F 8:00-10:00 AM and probably much more often than that.

    You will need to take much responsibility for your learning during these very unordinary times. Be aware of due dates.

    I'll do my best to answer student emails within 24 hours (probably much sooner than that) and evaluate work within five days.

    The grading will be Pass-Fail, not A, B, C, D, F. A minimal effort, not following directions, non-participation will result in a failing grade.

    In U.S. History we will be covering the Cold War, The Korean War, The Eisenhower Era, the Atomic Age, The New Frontier and The Great Society. We will cover the Civil rights Era and The vietnam War. We will cover the fight for change, the Counterculture, and into the 21st Century.

    World History will cover World War II, The Cold War, the emergence of new nations and regional conflicts. Terrorism and the developing world will be covered and we will finish with the world today, including social and environmental challenges.


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  • Welcome to Mr. Libby"s distance Learning Classroom

    from now until ***April 3rd , please use the extended learning plan located  HERE (click on the link)



    **Secondary teachers can choose what date they will start their teacher created plans 

    Please check back here on April 6th for updates.




    Good morning,

    My office hours, the times when you can contact me, will be from 8:00-10:00 AM, M-F. Chances are I will be checking this page much more often than that.

    I will begin to post assignments beginning on March 30th. 

    So.......welcome to Mr. Libby's online distance learning classroom. This is where you will look to get your assignments.

    You may also email me: gary2_libby@chino.k12.ca.us

    These are very strange times but for now just enjoy the Lakers and Clippers....oh, yeah. Ok, have a good time with March Madness....that's right, canceled. Well, the Dodgers and Angels are playing......No?? Wow!! This would be a good time, then, to go to a movie......Holy cow, no movies either???!!! You might just need to enjoy family and friends, have a party!! What?? Social Distancing??? No large groups?? What in the world??!! Go to dinner, just you and your closest friend......Restaurants are CLOSED??!!! What is this, a PANDEMIC?? It is? Oh. Right.










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