• Welcome to Math 8 Head full of dreams
    Ms. Carrillo
    Mrs. Gonzalez
    Room 506

    Welcome to Math 8

    Welcome to 8th-grade Math! This course is designed to prepare students for Integrated Math curriculum in high school and develop an understanding of the skills necessary to use math skills in everyday life. Through out this course, students will learn an appreciation for how each new skill builds upon previously learned concepts. This course will help prepare students for the Mathematics curriculum that awaits them in high school and beyond. It is the goal of this class to enable all students to be effective thinkers, problem solvers, planners, organizers, and communicators. However, this task is impossible to do alone; thus, I look forward to working as a team (teacher, administrators, parents, and students) to advance my students to be successful, responsible, independent young adults.

    Please be sure to bring a calculator to class every day.  We will not use our textbooks every day but they will need to be with you in class daily for review.  Be on time, be ready to work, have a positive attitude and get your homework turned in on time. Always show your work and use a pencil. 

    We will be using the District Aeries Parent Portal for access to grades. You will need to access AeriesParent Portal, Big Ideas, IXL online.  If you have not already signed up, you can get your access passwords from me back to school night or from the office.  I have included a link to the websites on the side bar of this class page.  Please be sure to check for information frequently and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Please be sure to use the school loop for correspondence. 

    Ms. Carrillo  

    Be Responsible 

    Be Safe 

    Be Respectful