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    Distance Learning Classroom

    From now until May 1st, check back here for daily lessons.

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    Virtual office hours (Google Meet by request or as needed per assignment )

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    Daily Monday- Friday 

    8-10 am


    Below is the updated assessments and grading policy to reflect online distance learning that can be found on the updated class syllabus. ( Scroll down to the file library to view the updated syllabus)


    March 30th - Go Formative ( Discovery Activity 1-4)

    March 31 - Go Formative (Discovery Activity 5-9)

    April 1st - (Discovery Activity 10-14) 

    April 2 - Alternative Bonus "The Fly " or "Viruses Vs Bacteria"

    Those absent 3/13. upload proof of completion. Stamp #19 Text 96-106 and Comparative Anatomy video review packet. 

    April 3 - 10 Question Asssessment of Discovery Activities 1-14. Is being revised at this time. 

    Use today to catch up on any other assignments. Have a nice weekend.

    Look for next weeks assignments on Monday 


    April 6th- 7th Go Formative (Homologous Lab) https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=17718&dataid=122078&FileName=NGSS_MSLS_EmbryonicSimilarities_EXPLORE_1Activity_EmbryonicDevelopmentCards.pdf

    April 8th - Go Formative (Reading Science Notes )

    April 9th-10th Go Formative ( Online quiz) Click on the Quiz file Week 2&3

    The "Embryo lab" will be logged as an assessment 

    April 13-15 Extension of "Embyro Lab" Assessment

    April 15-17 "Embryonic Similarities" Linking Literacy"

    April 20-22  "GoFormative" "Cladogram Practice"

    April 23 "Evidence for Evolution" Go Formative Will be opened "Thursday" 

    April 24 "Evidence for Evolution Test" Go Formative Will be opened "Friday" 

    April 27 - May 3rd   Go Formative " Wave on a String" (PHET Lab)

    The lab is already uploaded to GoFormative. You can also if you feel more comfortable work the lab

    on Actual PHET it may help you answer the questions better. 

    Take your time on this lab. There is alot to do. You have plenty of time to complete it !!!

    May 4th-5th "Wave on a String" (PHET Lab) Extended

    Use the You Tube link as an introduction to Wave Mechanics,

    If you are having difficulty comprehending the "Wave on a String" (PHET Lab)

    May 7th-10th (PHET Lab) "Bending Light" 

    Continue to use the "Go Formative" link to access the lab. The lab will be titled May 6-7 Disregard the dates.  

    You continue to have till Sunday. 

    The lab "Bending Light " was extended until today Tuesday 5/12.  Based on the number of requests for more time.  

    You may have noticed on Aeries GradeBook the mark "TX" with an orange box.  

    This means you have those assignments missing.

    If you have completed those assignments and I have missed them or need to make up work 

    Email me letting me know which assignment you have completed, so I can check the assignment. 

    I have reopened the last 8 assignments for those that need to makeup work.



    Final Assignment/Project of the year. 

    This assignment will allow you some Creativity and Freedom, so have fun with it.  

    Your are to create a "Power Point" or "Prezi" presentation.

    Your General topic will be 

    "Human and Naturally occurring factors that Impact our Environment"

    You should include these factors to help explain the topic. These factors are from the Discovery Text

    Use can do the entire project from the text or as a reference.

    I encourage you to use outside resources as needed. Use your imagination and go with what you are interested in. Remember the textbook is only a reference !!!

    Example: Surfing, Scuba Diving, Ozone layer, Sound pollution, Polar Ice melting, Cell phone use, Music, Skin cancer, Medicine

    At the beginning of each Chapter there are key vocabulary words to help you describe the factors. 

    You must use at least 4 vocabulary words from each Chapter in your presentation for total of 20.

    You can use more if needed.  


    1. "The Nature of Waves" (Discovery section 4.1) 

    2. "Waves and Matter" (Discovery section 4.2)

    3. "Warming Earth" (Discovery section 4.3)

    4. "Remote Sensing" (Discovery section 4.4)

    5. "Sustaining Biodiversity" (Discovery section 4.5)


    20 vocabulary words used

    2 pictures and/or video representations of each factor

    Minimum of 10 slides, or more if needed. 


    "A"= 20-18 vocabulary words

    2 pictures/ videos or combination of both. 

    10-8 slides

    "B"= 17-15 Vocabulary words

    -1 picture or video

    7-5 slides

    "C"= 14-12 vocabulary words

    -2 pictures or video

    4 or less slides


    Project is Due 5/20