• Welcome to Chemistry!




    LAST Zoom meeting Tuesday May 26 (see Google Classroom) bring Renaissance Card and EC/RR Pass for extra credit!


    Welcome to Ms. Stevens' Distance Learning Classroom. This is an exciting time for us continue to work together but at a distance. We will continue with your chemistry learning. You will have the opportunity for additional focused help. It is a perfect time to gain a better understanding of chemistry and secure the grade you want to earn by the end of the school year. Let's do this!

    From now until May 28, check ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM for the syllabus.  

    Google Classroom will be our main platform and will be used extensively during distance learning. 

    We will continue our on-line meetings every Tuesday with make up sessions offered Saturdays. Mr. Cortez and I will be hosting the sessionsAttendance will be taken. I can also be reached by email. Don't forget Assignments will be turned in to Google Classroom individual class periods



    • Virtual office hours 
      • Beginning Tuesday March 31
      • Every Tuesday from 9:00 AM -11:00 AM
      • Email me with questions during this time to be answered ASAP
      • Be sure to join your Zoom session. See Google Classroom Announcement for your class time and information regarding how to join us.


    • Updated syllabus (reflecting distance learning)
      • Each class period has its own Google Classroom page to submit assignments. See Google Classroom announcement on how to submit work.
      • Assessments will be announced in advance and taken on Google Classroom. Our next QUIZ was May 19 from 2:00-3:00 pm (time change due to AP Tests)
      • Grades, as usual, will be updated and found on Aeries.
      • Check back frequently for updated information.


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