7th graders......sorry this is so complicated......  to log on for your class period with me you need to scroll down the SHARE SOMETHING WITH YOUR STUDENTS till you find the link,  It will move further down every time something is added. 

    Welcome to Mr. Richardson’s Distance Learning Classroom from, August 10 until May 28.

     Virtual Learning Expectations







    Limit food/drinks around technology.

    Use your school issued technology for academic purposes.  Limit the sharing of technology.

    Use approved websites.

    Wash your hands before and after using the laptops.

    During video meetings, dress appropriately (meet Dress Code requirements)

    Always practice academic honesty.

    Mute your mic when a teacher or peer is talking/sharing. Do not talk over teacher/peers.

    Use your teacher’s virtual office hours wisely. Be prepared with specific questions and do not speak over other students, mute your mic when someone else is speaking.

    Complete assigned work by your teacher.

    Return the technology in the condition you receive it, including the charger.


    Welcome parents, click on video link to view my back to school night talk.

    B2SN video

     To speak to me live on designated Back to School nights and Open House Evenings, log into my Office Hours page in Google Classroom.



     Here is the main link that will allow you to access the health services page. https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/Page/33267



    Email: bradley_richardson@chino.k12.ca.us  



    Mon 7:45-8:30,Tue 1:45-2:30, Wed 12:00-12:45, Fri 1:45-2:30



    • Students should not share their login information, meeting links, or passwords with others.
    • To the extent possible, students should participate in virtual instruction from a quiet and neutral area that is free of distractions.
    • School and classroom rules apply to the virtual instruction environment.
    • It is recommended that students review the District Technology Acceptable/ Responsible Use Policy regarding expectations for behavior while conducting themselves online and on District devices. [Click here to Review the CVUSD Responsible Use Policy.]
    • Students should dress appropriately for virtual instruction sessions.
    • Students who use inappropriate language, share inappropriate images, or in any way behave inappropriately on a video conference will be subject to appropriate discipline.
    • Students should not conduct audio or video recordings or take screen shots of virtual class meetings or activities unless they have received prior permission to do so from a teacher or authorized District official.
    • To the extent possible, parents should allow the student to work with the instructor or provider in a quiet, private space. However, to the extent a student requires adult support to participate in virtual instruction/services, a parent or guardian may be specifically asked by the instructor or service provider to provide such support.
    • Once the virtual instruction session or meeting is over, students should be sure to close out of the meeting platform entirely. Students should also ensure that cameras are covered and that microphones are turned off to avoid inadvertent transmission following the meeting.
    • Feel free to use YouTube videos for excercise ideas. Vary up the activities you choose, be creative. Have fun. Stay safe. Remember this is the only body you have, so take care of it.
    • Stay safe and stay at least 6 feet away from others when exercising.


    Students can look to our Google Classroom (via Classlink) for further steps in our online learning. 

    Assignments will be submitted on Google Classroom unless specified.

    Remember, activity time doesn’t have to happen all at once. You can add up your total activity throughout the day to equal 40-60 minutes. Students, at the end of each day, ask a family member to sign next to the day’s total activity. Then, turn the finished log to your physical education teacher by using Google Classroom on the specified date

     The most important thing for you to do is to get up and get some exercise. The PE workouts are only a sample of activities you can choose. You are not limited to those workouts. Choose any activities you wish and record on the chart what you did. GET UP...GET GOING!