• Welcome to Ms. Carpentier’s Distance Learning Classroom


    Starting April 1st students we will be using Google Classroom or GC. I created our Google Classroom through Aeries so you should already be in the class. You will need to access GC through your district account. Please check and see that you are in the class, if you are not, add the class with the class code.

    To make sure everyone is here and can submit work, I have created a 2 minute introductory assignment.  You have 2 options.  Option 1 is to go outside and take a selfie and submit it.  Options 2 is to write down what you have been binging on and submit it.  The assignment is due Monday, April 6 by 10am.


    Psych 2 (Period 1)    Code = yfo3sar

    Psych 2 (Period 3)    Code = kuldar7

    US Government        Code =  lcpdznm

    Econ Ed Cons           Code = tbreory


    Mary Carpentier
    Social Science:  AP Psychology, Psychology, United States Government, Consumer Economics 
    email:  mary_carpentier@chino.k12.ca.us 
    Virtual Office Hours:  Tuesday 1pm - 3pm and Thursday 10am - noon
    I will be availabe during these hours to answer emails.
    Updated syllabus (reflecting distance learning):  
    Until April 1st students will submit late and missing work through email for the 12 week grading period.
    After April 6th, students will submit work, both classwork and assessments, through Google Classroom (GC) and Turnitin.com.
    Grades will continue to be posted in Aeries as work is assessed. 

    AP Psycholgy                 To: 81010   Message: @3bag9b 

    Psychology                     To: 81010   Message: @143680 
    Government                    To: 81010    Message: @897hcd
    Consumer Economics   To: 81010    Message: @dcceh2b
    Remind is used like text messaging.
    There is an app you can download and use wifi instead of data. 
    You can also access Remind from a computer.