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    I am committed to responding to all student and parent emails within 24 hours on weekdays.

     ***Note: The following information is subject to change!


    BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT (Wednesday 8/25/21)

    Zoom Linkand Password will be posted in Google Classroom later this afternoon (8/25).

    Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/7485113642?pwd=YXozM1pKOHE3WHBXbXlYVUpTbmtiZz09
    Meeting ID: 748 511 3642
    Passcode: VG7yu0

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    Contact Information:




    • Physics Of The Universe, Physics Honors, and AP Physics 1 students will meet in room 206. POE students will meet in Room 303. 


    • OFFICE HOURS are to be determined. They will be announced online and in class.


    • If you have questions about anything (class requirements, HW assignments, etc.), you can email me with any concern you have. (patrick_woods@chino.k12.ca.us) We will also set up Remind as an easy way for students to communicate with me with any questions you might have while outside of class time.





    Google Classroom (GCR) - Please do NOT use GCR to ask me questions. Please use email or Remind (once that is set up).

    • HW posted
    • resources 
    • announcements
    • organized by week


    • Some of your HW will be watching videos and taking notes.

    Positive Physics

    • regular HW assignments, occassional classwork, quizzes, and possibly tests


    • announcements, 2-way communication


    • 2-way communication


    • Grades





    Grades and Feedback:

    Grades will be updates in Aeries as often as possible (weekly if possible). Please monitor Aeries through the student/parent portal.

    Students can expect specific feedback on their learning progress by monitoring their assignment and assessment scores in Aeries. Due to the way we often practice "doing" physics or engineering, I also provide verbal feedback every day to as many students as possible.


    Late Work Policy:

    I understand that sometimes things happen that are outside of a student's control. Therefore I allow assignments to be submitted up to one week after the due date for full credit. In Aeries, I will mark "Grading Completed" approximately one week after the due date for each assignment, and that signals that it is too late to submit that item. (This grace period might end up being longer than 1 week, but it will never be shorter.)

    Students need to monitor Aeries regularly (I suggest checking it twice per week). This way, they can quickly see if they are missing an assignment.

    When a student submits an assignment late to Google Classroom, they must send me an email or a Remind message leting me know. This commmunication is essential - I do not get notified of late work automatically.

    Finally, exceptions to this policy may be made in extreme cases, as needed. I try to be reasonable while also helping students learn to be responsible and accountable. If a student doesn't know how to handle a situation, we just need to talk about it and we can figure it out.



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