• Mr. Lin spent many years in the Business world. After graduating from CSU Fullerton with a Business degree, he immediately started working for a local Apple Computer dealer, selling some of the first Apple IIs. He quickly worked his way up to General Manager of three stores. He loves working with computers and computer-related products and has stayed in the industry working with different computer dealers. He even developed his own software company selling original games for the early Commodore and Ohio Scientific computers.

    While working in the industry, he developed an affinity towards computer training so as the computer retail market matured, he started to look for other opportunities to develop his love for teaching. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he joined up with a partner to start a vocational school teaching students computer graphic design and desktop publishing.

    Always looking for ways to expand his knowledge in the computer field, Mr. Lin saw the emerging Internet during late 1994 as an exciting new area of communications using computers. Soon after, he left the vocational school and Mr. Lin decided to jump in with both feet into the Internet business.

    Over the course of the next five years, Mr. Lin worked on creating various web sites, and help develop e-commerce and online databases for several local companies. With the Internet bust in late 2000, Mr. Lin started to look again for another job opportunity. Remembering that one of his first loves was teaching, he looked again for another change in his career, something that would be more stable and afford more time to spend with his daughters. Many of his friends who were teachers suggested that he look at the possibility of teaching in the local public schools. And the rest, as they say, is history.