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    STUDENTS: Send an email to annette_deming@chino.k12.ca.us to request the code for Google Classroom.

    Period 2: English 10 Honors

    Period 3: Quest News

    Period 4: Advanced Theatre

    Period 5: English 10 Honors

    Period 6: English 10 Honors


    PARENTS: Send an email to annette_deming@chino.k12.ca.us to request to have Google Classroom updates and notifcation summaries for your student. Parents, this is also for you.

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    March 30th - April 3rd - Extended Learning: Your extended learning work is on Google Classroom listed as "Extended Learning". Look for this emoji: 💻


    Got a Late Start or Just now joining us? Start where we are. Get on Google Classroom and look for this emoji: ▶️  

    You'll notice for virtual learning you've been assigned to an Emoji Group. This group can help you understand whatever work you need to get done to finish the semester strong and prepare you for next year. You are one of these:🦄 ⚡️ 🏁 🐛  🌊  🐝 Everyone has had a list of tasks assigned to them to complete the course successfully.  


    April 6th - May 26th - Weekly work. Your assignments are listed by week and date. Get on Google Classroom, and Look for this emoji: 📍


    May 4 - May 17th - Boost assessments are available to anyone interested in boosting their grade from their 6-week or 12-week grade. Look for this emoji: 🔼 on Google Classroom. 


    Zoom Calls - LIVE Virtual Instruction. We meet at 9:00 a.m. EVERY MONDAY. The rest of the calls are already scheduled and in your Google Calendar. Get on Google Classroom, and look for this emoji: ☎️ 


    Virtual Office Hours - I am available to you LIVE every Wednesday from 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. The invitation for these meetings is also up in Google Classroom. Pop-in and say, "Hi!" Look for this emoji in Google Classroom: 👥



    Contact Information

    Virtual Office Hours: Monday's 8:00am-noon and Wednesday's 1:00pm - 4:00pm. Of course you can always reach me via Remind or email. I check my email daily. If you need to meet with me any other time, just send me a message and tell me what's going on. COMMUNICATION IS KEY DURING THESE PRESSING TIMES. 

    Live Instruction: Every Monday at 9:00am we meet via Zoom Call. Your invitation to join our zoom call is posted on Google Classroom 10 minutes before the meeting begins. Remember, these meetings require you to have your video turned on for the first 10 minutes of the meeting while I verify that you are who you say you are, so comb your hair. Those who miss these meetings can access the recording right after. They are posted on the Zoom Call Assignment. 

    Updated Syllabus: There has been a "Virtual Learning" section added to my syllabus and posted on our Google Classroom page. Look for the new highlighted areas. It is expected that you have read the new expectations before participating in virtual calls. 

    Assessment: Assessment has not changed. You are still being asked to demonstrate your skills that are reflective of the California State Standards. You are still using our 4-point rubric to represent levels of mastery. Your assignments have the standards attached to them. You will either: master, almost master, have emerging skills, or need improvement. I will offer you feedback on those practice assignments until it looks like you are ready for the "BIG GAME" (aka assessment). You must have completed 80% of the curriculum to pass the course. This has also not changed. 

    From the 2019-2020 syllabus

    Our focus during this time of "Stay at Home" orders is about improvement. No new content or skills learning will take place. Your assignments and assessments will be built on giving you ample opportunities to SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW. We will use this time to IMPROVE the grade you have or want to finish the school-year with and work towards that goal together. Due to school closures, English 10H students had 16 standards they were assessd on. They may only have 3 standards with a missing grade in them. Anything more than 3 will result in a FAILING grade. Therefore, it's imparitive that ALL WORK BEFORE SCHOOL'S CLOSED is turned in. 

    Late Work: There is NO PENALTY for late work while we are at home. Work that is completed late WILL NOT receive my feedback just a score. No grade penalty will take place. However, ALL LATE WORK must be in by Tuesday, May 26th in order to have it considered as part of your FINAL GRADE and COMPLETION OF THE COURSE. 

    Updated Matrix:  A new column of behavioral expectations for "Virtual Learning" has been added and posted . Look for the new highlighted areas.






    English 10 Honors, Advanced Theatre, Quest News and Class of 2022 Adviser
       English 10H       Advanced Theatre       Adviser      Homecoming 2019

    So you have Mrs. Deming as a teacher or adviser?

    For the advanced English student, 10 Honors gives students a chance to really explore the beginning of rhetoric, rhetorical appeals, the author's message, author's purpose, writing for task, exploring tone, mood, voice, and looking at writing and writers who use punctuation for effect. Students do this in a variety of ways from reading literature to looking at fun facts and interesting articles. They turn to television, speeches, the Internet, and novels to find and understand why writers write what they write.  English 10H student's ultimate goal is to explore HOW author's are effective in their writing, then take those observations and apply them to their own writing. 
    Mrs. Deming's Classroom is like being whisked away to the movie set of Harry Potter. Light up candles hang from the ceiling, letters fly out of a fireplace, and students are asked to work with their Defense Against the Dark Arts partners. Their names are called from the sorting hat and students typically sit at one of the 4 houses: Griffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Some students sit at Platform 9 3/4 or at the Ministry of Magic. All tables have black potion cauldron with supplies in them. Mrs. Deming has magical artifacts all over her classroom. She does this because she believes learning should be engaging and fun. So be ready, to join the magical fun in her classroom. 



    PBIS           Lugo Coin

    What Does That Mean?

    It means, Mrs. Deming believes in supporting and teaching her students with clear and consistent expectations, rules, goals, and modeled behavior. When students master the expectations, rules, and goals of the classroom they are continuously rewarded with Lugo Coin! PBIS makes being in the classroom fun, safe, predictable, and harmonious. Hogwarts should be an enjoyable experience for ALL students. 




    Google Classroom








    Zoomer   Zoom


    When ZOOM calls are scheduled for online learning and LIVE discussions, Mrs. Deming will send a code for the meeting through Google Classroom. On a Zoom call, we meet, discuss, participate, answer questions, and share websites and whiteboards. It's a REALLY COOL dynamic to the class. 






    Disney Backstage    Deming and Swift   Disney

    Disney Performing Arts

    The Advanced Theatre course is the second, third, and fourth class that can be taken for Visual and Performing Arts Credit with Mrs. Deming. If interested in taking theatre for the first time, ask your counselor about Intro to Theatre with Mr. Swift. Advanced Theatre is available to those students who either audition or have instructor approval to join the advanced course. This is the course that has a curriculum driven by the experience and opportunities we receive from the Disney Performing Arts. These actors, dancers, and singers, visit the Disneyland Resort 2-5 times a year. The Advanced Theatre students are also known as the Imagination Players because of their work in brainstorming, researching, writing, creating, and performing our children's theatre production each year. This course has SEVERAL performing opportunities and requires a great deal of time outside of the classroom and a  commitment to excelling in the theatre arts. Those interested in auditioning should contact Mrs. Deming via email by clicking the hyperlink down below. 
    2020-2021 School Year AUDITIONS are COMING! Submit your monologue video audition to
    Mrs. Deming by FRIDAY, MAY 1st. 
    Couch Potato    Lip Sync     Children's Theatre     Oscars
    Quest  SNO
    Quest News is a 3 Time Award Winning SNO Excellent Online News Website!

    2020 IEJEA Winners  HS Insider










    The Quest News journalism program is a hands-on class that prepares students for a career or advanced placement in journalism at the college level. This is an A-G approved elective that looks fantastic on college applications and job resumes. The course is completely student-driven with mentors from the journalism and broadcasting industry. We have mentoring professionals from the Chino Champion, Los Angeles Times, Spectrum TV, KSGN 89.7, KCAL 96.7, Plastic Audio, and many more... This course will give you long-time friendships and creates strong connections to the school. Each year this group of students travels and competes in the National Journalism Convention. Our students and award-winning adviser have traveled and/or competed in Los Angeles, Seattle, WA, San Francisco, Dallas, TX, and Washington DC. The Quest News program at Don Lugo High School is the #1 journalism program in the district and the Inland Empire. Mrs. Deming is the only certified journalism educator in the Chino Valley Unified School District. She has won several awards for her work in journalism while at Don Lugo High School and is now the President of the Journalism Education Association of the Inland Empire. This award-winning journalism program is a must-do for serious writers, investigators, photographers, podcasters, videographers, and aspiring movie makers. CHECK OUT THEIR WORK AT DON LUGO AND THE LOS ANGELES TIMES.  
    JEA   NSPA       LA Times




    Homecoming 2019   Mr. Lugo   Flag runners  

    Mr. Cantos (Chemistry) and I are PROUD to be the Class of 2022 Advisers. Our job is to instill spirit and help guide the class of 2022 to graduation. Mr. Cantos and I chose to lead the class because our own sons are part of it. We wanted to make sure, that this class in particular, had an AMAZING four years! We can't wait to watch them grow and graduate!!



    On a personal note, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter Fan, I love to cook with my daughter, I'm a fitness nut, and my own children go to school in the district. I love the work I do and EVERY subject I teach. 
    Oscar Night           Hogwarts Kids           cooking with M