• Welcome to Mr. Capps’ Distance Learning Classroom

    From March 30 - May 28, check back here for daily lessons.


    Please visit our Google Classroom

    -- Attendance will be taken weekly via your submitted Activity Log

    -- All assigned work will be submitted by you through the Google Classroom mode

    -- Grades will be determined by any assignments which include: Activity Log, Summary Reports, and any Unit Quizzez and Tests


    • Contact information 
      • Email: ron_capps@chino.k12.ca.us
    • Virtual office hours 
      • Our physical education class assignment, activities, etc. will be posted/hosted on Mondays at 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
      • If you miss my virtual office hours, please email me at ron_capps@chino.k12.ca.us
    • Updated syllabus (reflecting distance learning) 
      • Mondays will be when new assignments/activities/prompts will be given
      • Mondays will be when assignments/activities/prompts etc. will be due
      • Grades will continue to be communicated through Aeries


    Here on Mr. Capps Ayala H.S. SchoolWires webpage, here are various groups that will need to visit this page, so make sure to select the proper Class, Sport Team, or Subject Area when accessing the page for information.

  • Welcome to Mr. Capps' Physical Education Class page.  This site is currently under construction, however, it will be up and running very soon.  Once our P.E. Department finishes editing the P.E. Class expectations, each student will be expected to visit this page, read the information regarding all areas (Attendance, Class Behavior, Activity Curriculum and % of each grade, Mile Run point totals, District and State P.E. Standards).  Each student should also share this information with their parent, then print out and sign the Class Expectation sheet (BOTH Parent and Student must sign), then return it to the P.E. Teacher for assignment points.

    All P.E. Teachers will be utilizing the same set of Class Expectations, so if a student transfers to another class with a different teacher, the rules will be followed and adhered to by the student (and teacher).


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