The On The Road To Learning Program is a series of workshops for parents with children between the ages of 3 and 4.  These workshops provide parents with great ideas and activities to help prepare children for a successful school experience.  Free take-home materials are provided each month.  A new topic is introduced at each workshop.  Some of these topics include: colors & shapes, numbers & counting, alphabet & phonemic awareness, rhymes & introduction to reading, and school motor skills.
    We meet once a month at 8:45 AM, and our meetings last for about an hour.  The program is presented in both Spanish and English and free childcare is provided for the preschool-age children.  If you are interested in joining the On The Road To Learning Program this year, please stop by the office and fill out a registration form.  If you should have any additional questions about the program, feel free to call Mrs. Sara Maldonado @ (909) 393-4087.