• Art Academy
    (formerly Picture Person)
     The Art Academy program is an art lesson and hands-on activity given by a parent volunteer once a month. There is an on-site coordinator for the program who trains all volunteers prior to entering the classroom. The volunteer will bring in a print or prints of an artist’s work and lead a discussion with the children on the composition, art concepts and the artist’s life. A hands-on activity relating to the print will follow the discussion with all supplies provided by the program. The monthly lessons will last between 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours and will be scheduled at the mutual convenience of the teacher and the volunteer.
    Art News
     The 2013 Art Showcase at Chino Hills High School
    District Art Showcase 1
    District Art Showcase 2
    Enjoy some of our students' art!
    Mrs. Voll's Class
    Mrs. Georgi's Class - Henri Matisse  
    Mrs. Georgi's Class - M.C. Escher
    2nd M.C. Escher
    Mrs. Georgi's Class - Thankful Turkeys
     Project Self Esteem
     Project Self Esteem is a school program designed to help children feel good about themselves and to help them develop positive communication and problem solving skills. The average lesson is 45 minutes long and is presented in the classroom by parent volunteers. Parent volunteers are trained by the program coordinator and assisted by the classroom teacher.Students participate in skits, discussions, and activities designed to enhance each lesson. Project Self Esteem sponsors the annual “Night of Giving” and“Random Acts of Kindness Week”. These “giving events” help reinforce the concepts of kindness, caring, and sharing taught in the Project Self Esteem program.