Welcome to the 2017-18 school year at Ramona Junior High School! My name is Tisha Clay and I am your intervention counselor. My goal is to help students have a successful junior high school experience.  I am here to help students with academics, career and college planning and personal/social concerns or issues.

    Students can stop by my office before and after school or during class with a pass from their teacher.  If students need to see me and I am not in my office, there are Request to See the Counselor Forms outside of my door in Rm 5 (also available in the main office).  Students can fill out the form and leave it for me and I will call them out as soon as possible.

    Parents are welcome to stop by anytime my office hours are from 7:30-2:30pm.  Please feel free to email me at tisha_clay@chino.k12.ca.us or call me at 627-9144 ext 7571 if you would to schedule an appointment.