• All Ayala students interested in taking Chaffey College classes on Ayala’s campus during the spring of 2019 must attend a mandatory registration/orientation meeting with Chaffey College on Tuesday, November 27th in the Ayala Library at 2:30 PM. Existing and new students to the program are required to attend.

    Guidance 3 and Astronomy 26 (online) will be offered during spring of 2019 on the Ayala campus. Space for these courses are very limited – Guidance 3 is limited to 23 spaces and Astronomy 26 is limited to 15 spaces. Classes will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

    To register for these courses, follow these steps:

    1. Complete the 2-sided registration form
      • Parent and student signatures are required on both sides
      • Write in the title of the course + section number
      • Your school will get the Assistant Principal’s signature for you
      • Your school will get your official transcript for you – transcript must show student has at least a 2.0 GPA
      • Students who don’t have a Chaffey ID number yet – leave that line blank
    1. Submit your completed registration form to Ms. Anderson in the Ayala Counseling Office no later than Monday, November 26th.

    **Per Chaffey College, students are prohibited from adding these courses after the first day of class. **