•  Husky Families,

    As the Principal of such a remarkable public secondary campus, I have been grateful for the many national titles, much deserved recognition and successes that Chino Hills High School and its community has accomplished. Our unshakeable Huskies have proven to continuously unite themselves to assist others in need and rise to any occasion that demands greatness. Our Husky Staff, who remain passionate and hardworking in serving our community are one of the reasons why excellence is prevalent amongst our campus’ Academics, Activities, Athletics, and Visual/Performing Arts programs. This year we are committed to our winning tradition as we continue to desire to be at the forefront of all four corners of our Husky Crest. 

    Last year alone, our Band Percussion Ensemble came back from Dayton Ohio as World Champions. After three days of competition and countless hours of rehearsal, we received another banner to display. Not only did our amazing students bring home the State Title, they dominated the competition at this world event.  With the highest score in CHHS history (98.675) they rocked the 8,000 + audience in the University of Dayton arena to bring a world title back to Chino Hills High School. Additionally, Ten Husky athletic teams advanced to the CIF playoffs. Boys Varsity Basketball continued to play to sold out gymnasiums and continued to make headlines for their fast paced playing style and high scoring games. They were ranked 4th in the Nation as they finished the season with a record of 30-3. Our dynamic National ‘Dance Dream Team’ Champions showed how their talent, work ethic, and dedication were integral parts in their success for winning 6 national banners. Four of these banners were first place titles in Championship Small Lyrical, Championship Medium Lyrical, Championship Medium Dance and Championship Large Dance. Two of the banners were for the Sweepstakes titles for Lyrical and Dance.  Every single dance that went to finals won!  

    Additionally, the senior class of 2017 earned over 3.4 million dollars in scholarship money. Several graduates received acceptances from universities such as: Auburn University, Central Michigan University, Hawai’i Pacific University, Howard University, Texas A&M, Washington University, UC Berkeley, MIT, UC Los Angeles, University of Southern California and etc.  Additionally, amongst our graduates, one attended West Point in the fall on a scholarship worth $450,000 and another graduate participated as a member of the Jr. Olympic Softball team.  As with every year, several of our Husky graduates chose to serve our country as members in the United States Armed Forces.

    Academically, Chino Hills High School continues to excel. It is with great pleasure that I formally announce that US News & World Report has once again awarded Chino Hills High School a Silver Medal for the California ranking of 224 and the National ranking of 1259. With a student body of 3,012 students, our College Readiness Index (CRI) is 39 % with Mathematics Proficiency of 77% and English Proficiency of 76%.  47% of Chino Hills High School students participated in Advanced Placement exams and 77% of our students passed the AP exam in which they took.  I am extremely proud of our accomplishments, as our Huskies continue to excel in all realms of our Husky Crest.

    Since, becoming the Principal of Chino Hills High School in 2013, our students continuously improve and have demonstrated once again that they are indeed true champions in various areas of their lives.  Undoubtedly, our Husky students remain to be the Pride of the Hills!  Many thanks to our students for their continued hard work as they strive for excellence, and to all our families and staff members that have spent countless hours supporting them. 

    Everyday is a great day to be a Husky!

    Most Sincerely,

    Mrs. Brenes

    Isabel Brenes-Principal  

    It Takes a Team!

    Feeling that Husky PRIDE.

    I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do.
    -Edward Everett Hale