CAASPP: California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress
  • Students will be taking the CAASPP in the areas of English-language arts and mathematics beginning the week of April 11th.  Each student is scheduled to test for 12 days.  Students will test in the Computer Lab with their math class (see schedule below).  
    Both the ELA and math sections of the CAASPP test include a Performance Task in addition to the Non-Performance Task portion which consists of selected-response items and short answer items.  Please visit the CAASPP Practice Test site to see examples of Performance Tasks and Non-Performance Task items.
  •  Testing Dates
    4/3-4/13 Mr. Murillo and Ms. Phung  
    4/17-4/27 Mr. Honig, Mrs. Dang, Ms. Hild, and Ms. Carrillo
    5/1-5/11 Mr. Bates and Mr. Hagadorn