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  • ASPECTS OF BLENDED LEARNING (updated 18 March 2021)

    Hello to All:

    I, as all of us are, am working to maintain that all expectations and resources are made fully available to both students and parent/guardians. As we finish this very challenging school year, it is particularly vital that all levels of transparency are maintained, and updated for the final weeks of the school year. As such, there are some very important changes to the online pages that I wish to make all persons aware. In order to povide the most possible clarity and leave nothing to be overlooked, I have opted to provide the information in bulletpoint format so that there is no risk of losing any information.


    The changes/updates/restated policies are:

    • The PBIS Matrixes have been updated to include the various elements of each cohort as well as to reflect the most positive school culture possible. They can be found HERE--RIGHT HERE!!!!--DID I MENTION, IT'S HERE?!?!?!?!?!, as a printable pdf.
    • All communication is best served through correspondence (email) to my professional district email, michael_nieblas@chino.k12.ca.us
      • I am committed to respond within 24 hours (excluding weekends/holidays) to any email
      • I ask that any email that is sent follow the following format for the Subject, to keep all records consistent: STUDENT FULL NAME_PERIOD_ISSUE (Ex: Tracy Letts_Period 1_Homework Extension)
    • Office Hours have been removed from the Master Schedule, but I am available before school, during lunch, and after school, when requested through email by the student.
      • At this point, until the end of the year, these meetings will occur online, through the Google Meet for the class in which the student wishes to obtain assistance; if a student asks while in person, then a meeting time can be established for that day or the next school day when they are away from school, but still able to meet during those times.
    • Instructional plans/Routines for the week will be centered on the production of performative assignments working within the student's specific cohort, meaning if a student is in Cohort A, their prospective scene partners will also be from Cohort A so as to eliminate any stress/anxiety over meeting up outside of school or virtually. 
      • We will continue the following assignment roster for the remainder of the school year:
        • INTRO: Sonder/Slice of Life Writing and Performances, Randomized Shakespeare Scenes, Play Breakdown and Analysis. We will also utilize filmed scenes shown in class to analyze and interpret the major Theatrical Techniques we have studied this year, namely Characterization, Blocking, Plot, Pacing, Vocal Control, Voice, Mimicry, Form, and Dialogue
        • P&P: The Shakespeare Virtual Festival (Premiering online Fri 26 March!), Sonder/Slice of Life Exchange Performance, Short Story Adaptation, "every/day/stories" (our final Showcase), and the final--the Play Portfolio Pitch
    • On Non-Cohort/Non-Classroom days, each student is expected to go to the google classroom (BY 3 PM), and participate in a question posted in the Stream by me that morning. These are VERY basic questions designed to allow students to continue to not only think about the lessons from the course, but to also (IMPORTANTLY) apply the theories discussed and practiced to the world they see around them.
      • These are non-graded, but to be used in order to maintain records for attendance as well as to offer a chance for students to keep the subject at hand
        • For example, say we are discussing Characterization, one such question posted in the stream for that period might be "From what film/show/story have you seen a fully developed character?" They are free to answer and encouraged to comment on one another's answer (but not obligated).


    Elements altered/maintained/restated from the various Course Syllabi:

    (NOTE: The various points listed below are a combination of already stated elements from the various syllabi as well as amendments/clarifications. In the case where the following and the earlier drafted syllabi differ, the information listed below is considered upheld and complete)

    • We will continue to utilize the Google Meet Platform, connected through the Google Classrooms used for the entirty of the school year.
    • Feedback will be provided in a variety of ways, based on the assignment, such as
      • Electronically submitted assignments (through Google Classroom) will receive comments back from me, directly to the student as well as a score that will transfer over to Aeries
      • Performances will receive vocal feedback on the elements of the performance we have been focusing on AS WELL AS numerical scoring for each portion (Typically "Voice Control," "Memorization," "Form," "Mimicry," "Characterization," and "Plot")
        • NOTE: Students who wish to hear their "notes" in private may arrange to have their group come in during lunch/at passing period to go over the notes if uncomfortable
        • NOTE: Students who experience anxiety over performing in front of others may opt to film their groups' performance over zoom and submit the performance no later than 5 PM on the due date
    • Grading Criteria for ALL assignments will be distinguished as either Formative (elements leading toward mastery of a skill/standard) and Summative (the showing through action the students level of mastery of a skill/standard). Weigted scoring is as follows: 40% of a student's grade is based on the Formative, while 60% is based on Summative
    • "Written" work will be submitted online through the Google Classroom for the assignment
      • This includes scripts, analyses, write ups, quickwrites, and projects
    • "Performance" work will be done live on the due date or videotaped and submitted electronically (with previous written permission) over email--students MAY NOT turn in anything through thumb/zip drives or any device that must be plugged into Nieblas's computer. To bring such a device on the due date and not be able to turn it in by 5 pm electronically will merit the assignment to be marked late, deducting 10% from the final grade (Please note that in most cases, if brought to my attention at least 48 hours prior to the performance/due date, I will offer extensions; this will not be the case for the Final in PnP, unfortunately)
    • Expectations of Assessment: Try. Show that you have worked to make each performance more critical than your last. 
    • Evidence of Learning will come across in an increased depth of knowledge in the subject. I expect students to try to incorporate the techniques discussed, displayed, analyzed, and demonstrated into each performance and their discussion of the performances of others.


    If you are interested in continuing our journey of Theatre, be sure to check into our Applications for Advanced and PnP classes for next school year. They have been placed in each Google Classroom's Classwork section and are also located on our official Theatre web site: www.ayalatheatre.org


    Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this. Thank you for being here. Thank you for continuing. And, lastly, thank you for what you've taught me.


    All my best as we finish out this year,