• Secondary Classes 

    Welcome to Mr. Davis' Distance Learning Classroom

    from now until ***April 3rd , please use the extended learning plan located  HERE (click on the link)


    **Secondary teachers can choose what date they will start their teacher created plans 

    Please check back here on April 6th for updates.



    Hello all,

    First I hope that all are safe and sound. I know this is tough and isolation is sometimes difficult but health and safety are a priority.


    I will be using google classroom for all our assignments. The links are on the page marked "google classroom". You will have to sign up using a personal email. If you do not have one it would be good to create one anyway. Gmail is very user friendly and works well, obviously, with google classroom. I will start posting assignments for March 30th and beyond, depending on the length this quarantine may last. 


    The district wanted for us to have office hours so I will have office hours from 9am-12pm Tuesday and Thursday where you can contact me via email: jonathon_davis@chino.k12.ca.us or chinohighgbb@gmail.com. Honestly though, the emails come straight to my phone and I am usually very good at responding so you can email me whenever you'd like, day or night. 


    I have attached a syllabus for the time you are on break. https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/cms/lib/CA01902308/Centricity/Domain/4086/Distance Education-Syllabus.docx