Welcome to Mrs. Fleischer's Distance Learning Classroom!

    I am using Google Classroom as our center for learning.


    Here is the link to our Google Classroom:




    Our google class code:tricsdk


    If students have a chrome book, Google Classroom is one of the applications on ClassLink.


    If you do not have a Chrome Book, under students at the school website is ClassLink, log into class link the same way you log onto Chrome Books ( if you do not know or remember e-mail me and leave a message with a couple day & times we can meet via phone or Google Meets).

    You can contact me at:

    1. Michele_Fleischer@chino.k12.ca.us

    2. Class Dojo for questions.

    My virtual classroom office hours are 11:30am- 1:30pm  Monday through Friday. 

    Students can submit work any time via e-mail to teacher, or through Wonders or Pearson.

    Math Assessments will be given daily as a Quick Check.

    All Assessments will be graded by the following Friday. 


    I will be putting Lesson Plans on Google Classroom, and will update many items each week for Language Arts, and each day for Math.  


    If you have questions, problems, or need assignment feedback e-mail me at:


    or Class Dojo Message me.  I will try and assist, or get you answers as soon as possible.


     Some great websites to go to attached to this site:



    Elementary Education Websites:




    Special Education Websites: