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    Welcome to Mrs. Campbell's Distance Learning Classroom.  Up until April 3rd, please use the extended learning plan located HERE (click on the link).  These are optional enrichment assignments and do not need to be turned to me.  After April 3rd, we will be using the lesson plans posted to my Google Classroom.  You will receive a class code to sign in to your math classroom.  Assignments will start to count for credit on Monday, April 6th.  If you want to get started on Google classroom right now, please see the codes below. 


    By now, everyone should have logged in to my Google Classroom.  If you did not receive the class code I sent out on Monday morning, please see the class codes below for your period.  Use the code to sign in to Google classroom.

    Period 1 - 22pkobf

    Period 2 - fnn7zoq

    Period 4 - tahdnvr

    Period 5 - vqwl4jr

    Period 6 - fe3sbeq





    Virtual Office Hours - PLEASE READ!  NEW INFO!

    Tuesdays 10 am - 12 pm; Thursdays 3 pm - 4 pm 

    I am constantly checking my email and Google classroom. Please always feel free to ask questions.  I CAN NO LONGER USE ZOOM FOR ONLINE TUTORING.  I WILL LET YOU KNOW AS SOON AS I SET UP ANOTHER PLATFORM.  


    Updated Syllabus

    Assignments and assessments will be assigned and submitted through google classroom.  Class codes will be sent out March 30th for students to add their specific period.  Email Mrs. Campbell if you have not received that information by that date.


    Grades will continue to be entered on Aeries Portal.