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  • Intervention Schedule

  • Cal Aero's Reading Intervention uses reaearched based curriculum proven to improve students' reading skills in all 5 essesntial reading components.

    The big 5

    All students in grades 1-5, will work in Lexia Core 5, a computer based reading program that is adaptive to meet each student's reading learning needs.  Lexia has high student engagement and is proven to raise reading scores across all 5 essential reading components.  

    Lexia 5

    Students in 6th grade do not do Lexia Core 5, but instead are enrolled into Lexia PowerUp, which targets the reading needs for middle school students. 


    Students in 1st and beginning 2nd grades will receive small group instruction with Ms. Prairie using the Beginning level of SIPPS curriculum; whereas students in mid-2nd and 3rd grades will use the Extension level of SIPPS.  This curriculum provides students with a structured approach to the 5 essential foundational skills.

    Beginning SIIPSExtension SIPPS

    Students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades will receive small group instruction with Ms. Prairie using the REWARDS Curriculum.  The objectives of REWARDS is for students to correctly decode long multisyllabic words, recognize prefixes and suffixes and know their meanings, increase their reading fluency, as well as build strong academic vocabulary. 




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